It can be challenging when you have children on the spectrum because they may not be able to learn in the same way as others. However, there are some fun activities you can try.

Autism Books for Learning Skills

What child doesn’t love reading colorful books aimed at bringing imagination to life? Children’s books are designed to excite them and engage their reading skills. Yet kids on the spectrum require a little more. Authors like Natalie Chase use their genuine experience as parents of autistic children to make their stories appeal more and engage in a more suitable way. Natalie’s most popular book, For example, The Incredible Cam Man, has a rhyming scheme that helps the children remember the skills they learn while reading and engaging with the story.

Exercise Video Games

Since the Nintendo Wii came out in 2006, it has shown that video games don’t have to be sedentary and that you can exercise while playing. Known as “Exergaming,” this is when you move in a certain way or try to move like someone else to play. Physical activity from these games has been shown to make autistic children less likely to repeat the same actions. At the same time, the concentration needed to do in-game activities improves your child’s ability to think and learn as they grow. Just Dance and Switch Sports are great examples.

Fun Playground Exercises for Children on the Spectrum

Autistic kids can benefit a lot from simple physical activity since many of them don’t develop as well as other kids their age who aren’t on the spectrum. Some exercises work almost every muscle in the body and get the heart pumping, making them a great cardio exercise:

  • Specific exercises help improve memory and encourage attention skills.
  • Focusing on an activity can help mental health and reduce depression.
  • Physical exercise itself helps improve muscle mass and strengthen bones.

Also, they give your child something to do while they exercise for a set amount of time. Bear crawls are another great, easy, and helpful exercise for your child with autism. They mostly work your upper body and help you get stronger, more coordinated, and more aware.

Open Space Throwing Games

Throwing and catching a ball or frisbee are easy ways to get exercise and have tons of fun with children. Physically, these benefits are small, but they help autistic children a lot with repetition, hand-to-eye coordination, and being aware of their limbs and body. You can help your child learn basic motor skills by playing with them in the yard or at a park. The social aspect also affects behavior and how people interact with each other. And just being outside can help your child become socialized, so they become used to being around others and outside.

Focused Exercise Techniques

Yoga and pilates are ancient practices that use physical movements to help people focus. They are unique because you can make them as easy or hard as you want. This makes them great for kids who need to move around a lot. But studies are finding that autistic kids get other benefits as well. The poses and movements help children with autism find and keep their balance. The breathing techniques help you deal with stress, which is very helpful for autistic children who get anxious when their visual and auditory senses are overwhelmed.


There are a few ways you can help children on the spectrum learn through play and experience. You can try autistic reading books, exercise video games, and focusing using yoga or Pilates.

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