Book Title:
Stolen Tongues
Book Author:
Felix Blackwell
Page Count:
Publishing Date:
January 1st, 2017
Date Read:
June 25th, 2023
Kindle Edition
Prime Reading


A romantic cabin getaway doesn’t go exactly as planned. High up on the windswept cliffs of Pale Peak, Faye and Felix celebrate their new engagement. But soon, a chorus of ghastly noises erupts from the nearby the screams of animals, the cries of children, and the mad babble of a hundred mournful voices. A dark figure looms near the windows in the dead of night, whispering to Faye. As the weather turns deadly, Felix discovers that his terrified fiancée isn’t just mumbling in her sleep – she’s whispering back. Originally a contest-winning story on’s horror community NoSleep, Stolen Tongues has received widespread acclaim and has been optioned for film.

My Review

Stolen Tongues was not what I was expecting.

To be honest, I didn’t know what I was expecting, but I have seen this book around and it has gotten a lot of glowing reviews among those who enjoy the horror genre.

I’m definitely one who enjoys horror, so I decided to pick it up, thanks to having Amazon Prime, since I would be able to read it for free.

That being said, Stolen Tongues is not only one of the best, most atmospheric and frightening horror stories I’ve read to date, but it is one of the best books I have read in a while, period.

“There is a brief moment at night when the brain is neither awake nor asleep, but somewhere in between. In that moment, I sometimes hear things – distant voices or odd sounds.”

The novel starts off with a couple – Faye and Felix, going off to a nice cabin vacation to celebrate their engagement. All is well at first, until strange noises and screams start to penetrate the darkness and silence – but this is only the beginning. Soon the couple begin seeing a strange, large figure at night, and Faye starts acting a little strange. Eventually, she begins doing more than just acting strange – it seems as though she is actually communicating with the strange entity outside of the cabin.

Finally, Felix has had enough – he decides to send Faye home in hopes that the horrors will stop, and he returns to the cabin alone to try and find the engagement ring that Faye has lost. However, the horrors start up again, and this time even worse than before. Felix worries for his life as he makes frightening discoveries about the area surrounding the cabin.

Like I said earlier in this review, this is probably one of my favorite books. It didn’t use horrible gore or shock value to really frighten; rather it was able to start off with a looming sense of dread that kept building and building until the end of the novel, when it just explodes and takes you for a ride with it.

If you enjoy horror, I cannot recommend this enough! How is it possible that this originally started out as a reddit story? It is pure literary awesomeness, wrapped up in a nice bow. I loved the characters – especially Felix (and I thought it was awesome that the main character’s name is Felix, by the way). The way he interacts with his fiance is really awesome – and what she goes through in the book is downright terrifying.

The entire time I was reading this book I was terrified – even from the very first pages. I had to put it down and I could only read this one during the day – there was no way I was going to pick this up at night. Still, I think about it fondly weeks after reading, and I must say – it definitely deserves another read. Definitely one of my favorite reads of the summer so far!

5 stars
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