The sofa is the main element of your sitting room, drawing room, and lounge.


For the last few years, people have been obsessed with the mario bellini sofa. They are usually Italian-manufactured sofas that started in the ’70s. Later the production was stopped in 1979 till September 2020. It became very famous till then. It is a collection piece and, quite frankly, an element for your drawing rooms. It was really difficult to find this sofa. This mario bellini sofa is expensive and gives a premium look.


After several kinds of research, we found the best mario bellini sofa. This sofa has great reviews and many items that a customer will love. Our experts partnered with some brands to try out and review this iconic mario bellini sofa. This review article will reflect our personal opinion. Our experts have been very happy to collaborate with eternal Modern mario bellini sofa brands to get reviews.


What’s our general impression?


Our experts tested the original mario bellini sofa in different vintage showrooms over the past years. This mario bellini sofa by some Modern brands is similar to the original Italian version of the sofas. The legs of these sofas are a bit different, but they are not visible. Overall it is a great sofa because its design is unique. It is exactly like the original ones, and the quality of the materials is the best. Also, this mario bellini sofa is very comfortable (These are more comfortable than the one made in the ’70s). You will reorder them once you buy them.


What makes Mario Bellini Sofa Unique?


Every piece of this mario bellini sofa is usually custom-made, no matter what brand. When you order a sofa from online stores, it takes almost three months to receive a made-to-order sofa.


There are a lot of types of fabrics utilized for the manufacturing of these sofas. Some are made of cotton sheets, and some are made of velvet fabric. There are many fabrics available at sofa stores. Some sofas are made up of fabric Chenille Helios Beige gray (Here, you must note that light gray is usually with a warm undertone).


This Chenille Helios is an excellent fabric for the mario bellini sofa and is also very resistant to environmental hazards. So the fabrics these sofas are available in are here.

  • Cotton
  • Lather
  • Velvet
  • Boucle


We also considered the boucle and the aniline leather fabric for the sofa piece we reviewed. We ordered one module to check the quality of the brand modules. The quality and the fabric of these sofas are the best. You will definitely love the quality and fabrics of these sofas because of their iconic quality. Suppose the original version is not in your budget. In that case, you can replace your demands with the replica, which is a great alternative as their reproductions are similar to the original Italian mario bellini sofa.


These sofas do not compromise on quality and comfort. You can get a real premium leather piece or hardwood furniture mario bellini sofa at an affordable price online.

Choose the fabric and style of the sofa according to the locations and other furniture of your sitting room.

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