Book Title:
A Sincere Warning About the Entity in Your Home
Book Author:
Jarson Arnopp
Page Count:
Publishing Date:
October 18th, 2012
Retribution Books
Date Read:
May 25th, 2022
Kindle Edition



Imagine a supernatural horror story in which the paranormal activity happens within YOUR home.

A SINCERE WARNING ABOUT THE ENTITY IN YOUR HOME takes the form of an anonymous letter sent to YOUR address. It details the terrifying events which happened in your home and which continue to this day.

You have inherited a curse and are being preyed upon by a bone-chilling apparition. This 10,000-word letter from the previous resident advises you how to cope, while detailing the unthinkable ordeal they suffered before you.

A SINCERE WARNING ABOUT THE ENTITY IN YOUR HOME is the ultimate way to scare yourself in your own home, because it's the only ghost story which takes place IN your home. Dare you read it?

My Review

What originally drew me into this book was the whole premise about it being a letter written by an anonymous author to you, the reader, talking about paranormal events that have happened in the home that you are currently residing in. I knew nothing else about this, but I figured that was enough to make me absolutely NEED to read this book.

“This is no chain letter, hoax, or prank.
It is a sincere warning about your home and the entity which dwells within.”

This is the start of the book, or the letter contained herein the book, so to speak. It begins by telling the new  homeowner – you – about the entity that is haunting the home, and how the previous owner, who wishes to remain anonymous and has gone through great lengths to keep that anonymity, has dealt with the haunting.

“The entity exists within your home. You may not be aware of this yet and I suppose you may  not thank me for informing you. But please trust me: it is present.”

The book goes on to tell the new homeowner (again, you), about the experiences he has had with the entity that exists there, and how it has made his life a living nightmare.

And that’s all I’m saying about the plot.

Because if I tell you more, it will ruin it, and I certainly don’t want to do that. This is the kind of book you want to – no, need to read for yourself, so you get the fullest amount of enjoyment out of it.

It’s a bit less of a book and a bit more of a short story, since it only has about 63 pages. That doesn’t make it any less of a super awesome roller coaster ride through the paranormal, however. So much happens over the course of this book that I couldn’t put it down and finished reading it as soon as I picked it up. To say it’s a real nail biter is an understatement. It kind of freaked me out several times while reading it because I imagined the whole thing taking place in my house. Let me just say that it really hindered my ability to sleep for a night or two.

We really don’t learn anything about the one who penned the letter as a person, so they remain anonymous throughout the entire story. I think that the way this book was written like this is really awesome, because we don’t see this kind of thing often and it really added to the novelty of the book.

When it comes to A Sincere Warning About the Entity in Your Home, you are going to want to sleep with the lights on.


4 stars
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