The best part of Instagram is that it can be used to promote products that generally do not mesh well with social media. The biggest example is that of books, and this is the main focus of this article. The books are not cheap, keeping in view the inflation the economies have to suffer. While most Insta users are looking for Instagram followers free trial without any survey to grow their audience, some literary Instagram accounts get followers just by reviewing books. Since reading a book is one of the best ways to reduce noise in our minds, they have plenty of followers. So let’s check who these book lovers are.


  1. James Trevino

This is by far the best books account on Instagram and has made a name for itself within no time. His love for books is matchless, and he makes sure that all the pictures that are posted show the same. The artful arrangements of the books are something that has grabbed the attention of the media, including Business Insider. The arrangements of the books are sometimes according to the themes, which makes this account all the more attractive. This Romanian book lover has made it possible for many people to start similar accounts and voice their opinion about book-loving through pictures.


  1. Elizabeth Sagan

You can call her a female friend of James, as she also posts similar pictures and makes book reading a fun-filled activity. The curated displays of the books are awesome and make it possible for the users to choose the best books, which are obviously at the top of the pile. The fantasy themes are sometimes very in line with the account theme, and this makes Elizabeth one of the best and most rated book lovers on Instagram. The following of this account has led to the creation of other accounts, such as @mybookfeatures.


  1. Jacqueline Firkins

This is another account that has made us aware that books and clothes have a close relationship and cannot be separated. The best part of this book account is that it is being run by a designer that creates the clothes based on book covers. In this way, not only the interest in books is generated but the clothes are also sold at the same time. The popularity of this account has surged in the past few months, as it is a unique style of promoting the literature.


  1. Rupi Kaur

This is the account of one of the thriving poets on Instagram that has made a name for herself in a very short period. The collections such as milk and honey and the sun and her flowers have made it possible for Kaur to run a handle that has millions of followers from all over the world and from all walks of life. The feed of this account is mostly filled with poems about her and her personal life. The audience is not only massive but like the work that she does as she does it awesomely.

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