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Book Title:
Little Sid: The Tiny Prince Who Became Buddha
Book Author:
Ian Lendler
Book Illustrator:
Xanthe Bouma
Page Count:
Publishing Date:
January 23rd, 2018
First Second
Date Read:
February 11th, 2018
I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review - Thank you!


In this charming and accessible picture book, Ian Lendler and Xanthe Bouma offer a heart-warming account of the childhood of the Buddha.

A spoiled young prince, Siddhartha got everything he ever asked for, until he asked for what couldn’t be given ­― happiness.

Join Little Sid as he sets off on a journey of discovery and encounters mysterious wise-folk, terrifying tigers, and one very annoying mouse.

With Lendler’s delightful prose and Bouma’s lyrical artwork, Little Sid weaves traditional Buddhist fables into a classic new tale of mindfulness, the meaning of life, and an awakening that is as profound today as it was 2,500 years ago.

My Review

This book, wow.  I loved it.  Absolutely loved it.  There’s so much about this book that is important, especially in today’s day and age.  It’s the kind of book that both children and adults can learn and benefit from, and … Continue reading

5 stars