You may be pondering about getting a fitness tracker for yourself but you are still wondering whether it is a worthy buy or not. Listed below are the reasons why a fitness tracker is a good purchase for anyone looking to be healthy. If you are also searching for a good smartwatch or band, you can expect to get one during the HONOR 11.11 sale 2022. The HONOR brand offers the GS Series, Band Series, ES Series,

and the MagicWatch Series.

Why Should You Get a Fitness Tracker

Stylish design

If you love wearing watches or prefer styling yourself to work, then you should get a fitness tracker for yourself. The advancement in technology has allowed manufacturers to create state-of-the-art watches that can provide you with a number of features in a small pocket-sized device. Most fitness trackers are black but you can also find other devices that have various color bands available. Who says being healthy means that you cannot be stylish at the same time? With fitness trackers, you can monitor your body and still wear devices that can adapt to your outfit or wardrobe. You should get fitness trackers that have large AMOLED screens because they provide amazing displays. They do not just look good for your eyes but they are also very appealing to others because of the technology. The HONOR Band 6 has a big 1.47-inch screen with narrow bezels for easy recognition of information on the display. Check HONOR 11.11 sale 2022 for deals and discounts.

Monitor oxygen levels

Do you know that a good fitness tracker monitors blood oxygen levels? Using a combination of optical hardware and software algorithms, a fitness tracker can compute the oxygen level of the wearer. A good oxygen level is around 95 to 100% based on the SpO2 or pulse oximeter reading. If your fitness tracker detects a low level of oxygen, you can check your working area to see if you can open windows and doors for extra oxygen. If it persists, you may want to consult a professional to assess your health.

Monitor your heart rate

Not all fitness trackers can monitor the wearer’s heart rate accurately. Some good fitness trackers do better. As companies improve on the software of the device, they can assure you of a better monitoring of your heart rate whether you are doing your daily routine or having a good run on the treadmill or the outdoors.

Monitor your sleep

If you think that you always wake up tired and restless, you can address the problem by wearing a fitness tracker. This device has software that detects sleep patterns and durations as well as stages of sleep. A fitness tracker can provide you with information on how long you sleep and how you can do better on your

next sleep. With the help of this sleeping monitor, the band or fitness tracker can also give you sufficient data on your improvement in your way of sleeping.


A fitness tracker does what it is supposed to do. It helps you track your exercise routines so that you can monitor your growth in terms of what you can do and how you move. A fitness tracker also helps you check your daily steps as well as your sleeping patterns. Because a fitness tracker is very effective in helping you get and stay in shape, you need a durable type of device to actually make everything happen. With the HONOR 11.11 sale 2022, you can look at different fitness trackers and smartwatches with can bring you to the peak of health that you have always wanted.

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