Book Title:
Oak Avenue
Book Author:
Brandi Reeds
Book Series:
Dark Corners, #7
Page Count:
Publishing Date:
September 27th, 2018
Amazon Original Stories
Date Read:
March 1st, 2021
Kindle Edition
Prime Reading


A young wife and mother—new to this town and to its secrets—learns just how much she doesn’t know in this tingly tale of all the things hiding in the dark at the top of the stairs, from bestselling author Brandi Reeds.

While renovating her Victorian home, Ana Clementine finds an ornate door buried under forty years of earth. Once she restores it to the attic, she starts hearing whispers, her loving husband becomes a stranger, and her baby daughter learns a chilling new word. Maybe Ana has unlocked the house’s secrets. Or maybe she’s becoming just a little unhinged herself.

Brandi Reeds’s Oak Avenue is part of Dark Corners, a collection of seven heart-stopping short stories by bestselling authors who give you so many new reasons to be afraid. Each story can be read in a single sitting. Or, if you have the nerve, you can listen all by yourself in the dark.

My Review

Oak Avenue, written by Brandi Reeds, is the seventh and final story in the Dark Corners collection from Amazon Original Stories. Because the story is kind of like a haunted house story, I was looking forward to this one the absolute most of all. I actually though about reading this one first, but made myself wait until the end so I could read them in order (by the way, you don’t have to read them in order. None of these stories are related to each other, other than being part of the same short story collection).

Anyway, while this didn’t end up being my favorite in the collection, it definitely takes second place, that’s for sure. I truly became absorbed in this story from the very first page, and I found myself finishing it quickly, tearing through it, and wishing there was more.

“I feel this house in my lungs, in my bones.”

Ana and her husband and their young daughter have moved into an old Victorian house in her husband’s hometown; the kind of town where everyone knows everyone else and no business is private. While renovating the home, a large, strange door is uncovered in the backyard, and Ana instantly falls in love with it. She wants the door in the house, and plans on hanging it as soon as she can get it cleaned up and refinished.

“I feel something, even though there’s nothing to see. It’s like the feeling you get when you know someone’s looking at you, watching you sleep.”

Soon, strange things begin happening in the house…like the attic door, which keeps on opening, over and over, no matter how hard Ana closes it.

And Ana’s husband, who is acting incredibly strange and violent when he is home, without remembering any of it.

Ana wonders what is going on, while those in town doubt her. She tries her hardest to solve the mystery of what is going on in the house, while keeping herself and her daughter safe. But can she get to the bottom of things before it is too late?

Oak Avenue was such an amazing read. While not really predictable, there were some times where I could tell what was going to happen next, and there were other moments that were totally unpredictable and things just kind of came out of nowhere. I loved that. I always enjoy a book that keeps me guessing, and this one definitely did.

The writing style in Oak Avenue was incredible – the author, whom I have no read any other books by – really has a talent for keeping you guessing and for holding your attention throughout the whole story. There wasn’t a dull moment in this one.

Even if horror and ghost stories aren’t really your thing, I think you will appreciate this one. It is a solid addition to the Dark Corners series, and a thrilling conclusion to the collection.

4 stars
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