Most children can’t care less about learning important skills and lessons. They want to explore the world and have fun; everything still has a magic to it that makes math seem worse than unimportant. Children don’t engage with math because they don’t see the fun in it.

Usually, that means knowing how to make math easy meant just knowing how to make math fun. Yet, it’s never that simple. What’s fun for one person may be painfully boring for another.

Plus, math is inherently a boring subject. There is none of the action-packed intensity that children crave, and it doesn’t provide the abstract mental stimulus that adults can get out of it. Trying to make math easy for children is like trying to make taxes fun them — it’s hard.

Yet, it’s not impossible. To learn how to make math easy for kids, keep reading below!

Learning How to Make Math Easy Means Learning Math

It’s important to realize that there’s no way around actually doing math if you’re trying to make math fun. At some point, your child will have to think about how numbers relate to each other. They will have to flex their abstract thinking muscles before they’ll be able to do any kind of math.

So, if your child has problems with abstract thinking, it doesn’t matter what kind of tricks you try. They’ll still have trouble with it, and it’s up to you to make sure their needs are met.

Mastering Math Means Staying Focused

Almost all children have trouble staying focused on anything. They’re children, after all — they’re supposed to hyperactive, loud, and chaotic. It’s how they grow and develop into people.

Yet, math is fundamentally about staying focused on one thing. It’s about exploring the connections that form up a single object; math just isn’t for kids. And before you start trying to teach math to children, you need to teach them how to focus on something.

Don’t Expect Kids to Learn Math On Their Own

Adults may enjoy their seclusion away from people, but children are social creatures. They compare themselves to their peers, and they constantly crave games to play with other people. Luckily, you can turn that into an advantage just by searching for “tutoring near me.”

It doesn’t matter if your tutor is in the same room as your child or across the world, a good one will turn math into a social game. They’ll want to play along to both have fun with someone else, and to win at the game of numbers! A good elementary math tutor won’t make math feel like math at all since they’ll adapt it to children’s unique psychologies.

No Kid Wants to Learn Math on Their Own

Learning math is a challenge, and it can feel like even more a struggle to figure out how to make math easy. Children simply don’t think the same way adults do, and to make math easy, you need to think like a child. Not all adults are capable of doing that.

Luckily, there are ways to step into the shoes of your child and come closer as a family. And to learn about them, just keep reading our website where we explore how to navigate life with children of all ages!


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