Halloween may be the time of year where everyone gets to dress up, but that isn’t the only time of year when costumes are appropriate. From princess themed birthday parties to New Year’s Eve costume parties, themes are all the rage. Beyond picking out a great costume and doing your duties as a perfect host, here are all the instructions you need to hold a rocking good party with a theme.

Picking Party Invitations That Will Set the Theme and the Mood

When people learn that they have been invited to a themed party, they begin to feel excited from the moment they receive their formal invitation. Harness this opportunity to truly set the stage. Get invitations that make the theme of your party clear. This article will give you some ideas for unique themes, show you how to choose the right invitations, and provide you with all the information you need to get guests to be totally inspired by your carefully selected theme. Invitations with roulette wheels are a great choice for announcing a casino themed soiree. Make your own invitations with the help of a photo editing program, a quality printer, and some heavy-duty paper. You can get a professional printer to design and print up hundreds of invitations to your themed party if you are hosting a formal event.

Putting up the Perfect Decorations for a Themed Party

In order to make a themed party come alive, you have to acquire all of the right decorations. For instance, a beach themed party can really come alive with the help of a few inflatable palm trees, a couple of surf boards and some strategically placed sand. Want to go with a medieval theme? Just set out a banquet of baked turkey legs, put up some fake torches and display a suit of armor. Remember that you can put up balloons, streamers, and other festive decorations in addition to all of those themed items. People will get into the spirit of things as soon as they walk into a party that really sets the mood well.

Ensuring the Entertainment Fits the Theme

The entertainment that you select for your party is going to depend on the theme at hand. If your party is going to have a 70s theme, then you absolutely need to hire a live DJ who spins vinyl. On the other hand, a 50s themed party would be much more authentic if you were able to rent a jukebox. Casino themed parties often feature bartenders as well as card dealers. If you are planning to go with a circus theme, then clowns, acrobats, and a master of ceremony would definitely steal the show. With great decorations and fitting entertainment, guests won’t be able to help but be totally awestruck.

How to Get Your Guests in the Mood

In order to make sure that your themed party goes off well, you have to be certain that party goers are going to be impressed. On the other hand, guests also have to do their part. Insist that they wear fitting costumes and enforce the dress code at the door. Do you need more money for the themed party? PaydayPact has an answer to this problem. Talk to as many guests as you can get in contact with before the party and tease them a bit about what you have in store. Build anticipation by telling them about the contests, the entertainment, and the refreshments that you are planning to treat them to. Announcing a best costume contest ahead of time will get your guests to put more effort into their costumes as well as foster a friendly yet competitive spirit, too.

Making the Final Finishing Touches

Shortly before you actually have your themed party, you will need to check over your plans and think about those finishing touches. Paying attention to all of the details is going to be what separates your themed party from all the others. Purchase a few more accessories so that your costume really stands out. Clean up your home or arrive at the venue where you are hosting your party a bit early so you can make certain that all of the tables and chairs are set up correctly. Hire waitstaff if you can so that you are free to check on the entertainment. Now, you don’t want to obsess over the details, but you also don’t want anything major to get away from you. Paying attention to those finishing touches also gives you a chance to make last minute changes if you feel they will be helpful. So, check on your caterer, buy a few more decorations, and double-check your guest list before beginning the festivities.

Souvenirs, Party Favors, and More

Whether you give out goodie bags or insist that guests leave with a plate, you will want everyone to leave with great memories. Party favors can make a great impression on everyone, and in the case of a themed party, providing party goers with mementos can help you to cut down on clean up time. Before guests begin to depart, gather up centerpieces, take down the banners, and provide each one with a small token of your appreciation. Themed party souvenirs can be as simple as a deck of cards if you hosted a casino themed party. Buy some paper bags and fill them with inexpensive party favors, and make sure that each guest has a unique memory by throwing in something special.

Hosting a themed party of any kind can be lots of fun, whether you are celebrating a birthday, a wedding anniversary, or throwing a graduation party. Let guests know when you will be having a party months in advance if you can, that way they can work hard on their costumes. Like if it is Halloween theme, one can arrange for halloween costumes. Parties are great settings to play games, dance, enjoy refreshments, socialize, and mingle. So, it won’t matter what the theme is because people are just going to want to come together, hang out with their friends, and have a great time. After all that planning, you will absolutely enjoy watching your guests have a blast. Remember to relax and enjoy yourself as well – after all, a party is a party, no matter the theme.

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