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Book Title:
The Cement Garden
Book Author:
Ian McEwan
Page Count:
Publishing Date:
January 13th, 1994
Date Read:
May 17th, 2022


First Father died, then Mother. Now the four children are left alone in a house that looks like a castle stranded among grim high-rises. Free of supervision, free of restraint, they can do anything. Be anything. As long as they keep the house's secret.

In this tour de force of psychological unease, Ian McEwan excavates the ruins of childhood and uncovers things that most adults have spent a lifetime forgetting - or denying. Out of blasphemous wishes and hair-raising games, he constructs a novel that is all the more chilling for its offhand approach to the unspeakable.

My Review

There is…a lot to unpack with The Cement Garden. First of all, it’s my ideal book – incredibly dark and unsettling – a thriller that you won’t soon forget. It’s hard to find a thriller that truly unnerves me and … Continue reading

4 stars
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