Escape games are an active way to relax and ensure that you are transported to a completely different world. You can take part in an unforgettable adventure with friends, colleagues or family. If you’re new to the world of escape rooms but are interested in how to be more effective, read our useful tips!


  • Find out where you are!


When you first enter the room, take a good look around. It’s important to summarize what you see. Check the locks, passageways, devices. The point of careful observation is to remember everything later in the game, because you don’t know at this stage what you will need later. Each escape room has a different theme, so if you want to find out more about them, take a look at the website.


  • React quickly


The playing time, usually 60 minutes, may seem long at first. But time moves fast, so it’s important not to overthink a puzzle. It’s always the first few puzzles that take the most time, after that you’ll find it easier to move on! It’s important to stay focused on the game and not lose track of time completely!


  • Work together!


The game will be effective if the team members work together. Share all information with each other, even information that may seem insignificant at first. Collect the tools in the escape room and let the others know what you have found out loud. This way, all players will be aware of what items can be used during the game.


  • Communicate with each other


When you are concentrating, you tend to get wrapped up in your own thoughts. Remember to keep in constant communication. It is likely that the clues will be connected, so you will need each other. Ask your teammates for help and use each other’s skills. This will also save you time on the way out.


  • Pay attention to detail


There can be a lot of hidden information and useful clues in an escape room. You might find a hidden door or even special items. The key is to be thorough, looking in all the little rooms and behind every object. It can be useful to get lost in the details to some extent during the game.


  • Use the clues


In the escape room, it is often not a puzzle that is difficult to solve, but rather the successful use of clues that is the problem. One object can be linked to another, a certain code can lead you to the next step. You need to see the scene in a complex way and summarize the information. You will certainly need creative thinking to get out successfully.


  • Share the tasks


The team can easily get lost due to time constraints, which is why task sharing can be a solution! It is pointless to have several people working on the same task at the same time. Among the players, there is bound to be a leading type who can make suggestions on how to distribute the tasks. Believe me, you’ll get out faster by sharing tasks!


During the game, if you fail despite the hints, there is no reason to panic. In almost all the escape rooms, you can ask the game master for help. He won’t solve the puzzles for you, but he will guide you through them. This will ensure that the sense of achievement stays with the team.


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