A holiday generally involves a lot of excitement, partying, adventures, travelling and more, so that is no place for a book right? Well, it would only be true if you were never into reading to begin with!

If however, your idea of a good time often involves curling up under the blanket with a good book in hand, then a holiday can actually present the ideal opportunity to finish that book you had been trying to read, but never even managed to start for months now.

Not Everyone’s Idea of a Great Holiday Match

There is no denying the thrills of hiking, climbing, diving, snorkelling, riding and the many other adventures which have now become part and parcel of a modern holiday package. Nevertheless, some of us still prefer to take a holiday that involves a break from both physical and mental stress, amidst a peaceful place in the heart of nature.

During such holidays, a book can be the best partner to have by your side, even if you have a bunch of other people around you. In the off-chance that you have recently discovered that some of those office colleagues you planned the outing with are not your ideal travel mates, the solution lies in a good mystery novel!

Making the Best of Your Time in the Hotel

After all the excitement and adventure during the day, you can immerse yourself into another adventure by diving into that unread novel, as soon as you get back to your hotel. The Native aparthotels are simply ideal for this, provided you can find one in your destination that’s not yet booked.

An aparthotel suited to your taste and needs can actually make you feel like you are coming back home after an exciting day of adventure outside, only to get lost in the pages of a novel in a comfy living room couch.

The Classic Trick of Passing the Time: Read While You Travel

It’s a practice as old as books themselves, so there’s not much to say here really. If you find yourself on a journey that is boring by all means, even a mediocre romance novel can help make the journey infinitely more enjoyable.

Far Away from the Wi-Fi: Reading Amidst Nature

eBooks are actually quite essential for saving nature, to be honest, but when you are far away from any cellular reception, charging point or Wi-Fi connection while camping, a good paperback can come alive on the side of a campfire, surrounded by darkness and covered in bug spray! In all seriousness, read inside the tent for a truly magical experience.

In case you are really bent on following the no-paper movement, Kindles can be preloaded with thousands of eBooks and they have an excellent battery life too.

A good book can make such a difference in so many places that you will often end up wishing you had one, even while on a busy holiday. So do make sure you don’t leave home without that novel.

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