It’s an old tired trope at this point, but it remains relevant – marketing and advertising, especially in the beauty industry, is geared to make you feel unhappy with who you are. You can never be “enough” unless you try one of those products, or have a treatment, or develop yourself into something else.


Of course, improvement is healthy, as is trying to look your best and feel your best, the latter being more important. That said, it’s also true to say that this rampant marketing can cloud our idea of what’s worth taking part in.


For instance, if you find out here if dermatologists do botox, you can see that healthy skin treatments and care aren’t so clear-cut from cosmetic support. What matters is finding what works for you, not feeling bound to a certain outcome, and not feeling as though you have to justify healthy changes you’re making.


When we do this, we can settle into our beauty and aesthetic in the best way. In this post, we’ll discuss how to achieve that and more:


Accentuate Your Strengths


Everyone has strengths they can feel confident with. Perhaps this is your thick hair that takes a while to manage but looks fantastic when you do, or you like how tall you are, or you think you look good in a certain color. It can be nice to design your wardrobe and beauty measures around that, such as by using the right foundation color in your makeup, or perhaps wearing a jewelry tone that looks best on you. This way, you can express yourself and have fun, provided you never limit this artificially.


Love & Reconsider Your “Flaws”


It’s also good to change your perspective regarding your flaws from time to time. We tend to build a great number of insecurities when we’re in our teenage years, some of these go, and some of them are retained until adulthood. Show those insecurities some love, be that not being afraid to show off a birthmark you’ve hid, or showing yourself for who you are, realizing there’s nothing wrong with it and you don’t have to ask for permission. You need to only look at vitiligo models to see that unconventional is often beautiful, too. If you check out this dentist in Ballantyne, they’ll also tell you that if you’re not happy with how your teeth look, you can always visit dental experts so they can provide some treatments to fix your dental issue.

Have Fun With It


If you can’t have fun with your self-care and beauty efforts, then odds are you’re not going to look at the process fondly, it will always feel like an obligation. It can be fun to wear new things, to accessorize without wondering if that “fits you” or not, and to experiment with body art such as henna tattoos, dying your hair, or piercings that you can choose to stop wearing after a little while if you want to. A little fun is not only enjoyable, but gives you the chance to explore your interests and passions as opposed to feeling limited – it’s why so many men and women are choosing to dress in non-conventional gendered clothing, or clothing from the opposite gender. It’s all fun.

With this advice, you’re sure to settle into your beauty and aesthetic in the best way.

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