When the day finally arrives and you have completed all of the steps and get your first non-fiction book published, or fiction book published, you need to commemorate this moment.

There are plenty of different ways you can celebrate the moment. For some, it will be through a launch party or treating yourself to some jewelry containing vvs diamonds as a reward for your own hard work and effort.


Acknowledge The Milestone

As an author, you know that some days creativity leaves your body in waves and floods the pages of your book and on those days you can achieve and accomplish so much. However, there are other days, when even writing a single sentence is strenuous and tedious. You can be looking at the same page for hours.

You will appreciate no matter which day you were having being able to acknowledge your successes each day was a vital aspect in being able to get to where you are now. As a soon-to-be-published author.

Like those other occasions, it is just as important to celebrate this milestone in one way or another.

It is important that you continue to celebrate the future milestones attached to your book launch. Such as the first sale, making your first $100 dollars, and then starting your next book.


How To Celebrate

There are many ways to celebrate all of your hard work paying off. The type of book that you have published may determine how you choose to celebrate along with your own personal characteristics.

Here are some ideas of ways to mark this momentous moment within your life:

  • Do a celebratory dance.
  • Meet up with friends and family.
  • Treat yourself to a luxury item or treat, such as a holiday, item of clothing, watch, or new writing equipment.
  • Frame some pages or the cover of your book as a memento.


Plan Your Next Steps

Getting your book published is just one step in building up a successful career as a writer and author. If you are serious about making a success out of writing books, simply getting published isn’t enough.

Now you have a different job to complete and that is marketing your book and getting your book and your name as an author out there and known.

You might have thought that the hard part of creating a story, spending all of those hours writing, reading, re-writing, and editing was tough, but marketing your book is a different skill-set completely.

If you have a publicist they will be able to help with this however if you have self published your book, you need to put in the man-hours to market it yourself.

You need to decide how you want your book to be sold. Are you looking at selling it as an ebook, a physical book, or both?

There is evidence to suggest that you can earn more by selling hard copies of your book, however with e-books becoming increasingly popular having a digital copy is always worthwhile.

Once you have decided you need to reach out to selling platforms and share information about your book

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