Going on holiday as a family is one of those core memory making adventures that you can’t find anywhere else. It is something parents save up for all year long and plan for well in advance to make sure every moment is extra special and provides an irreplaceable sense of magic for the whole family unit. While the act of going on vacation is special all on its own, there are ways to add extra touches of amazement to the time away. Here are six of the top ways you can make your kid’s vacation time extra special.

Let Them Pick the Destination

Within reason, letting the children pick things can be good fun. Even though holidays are meant for everyone in the family, parents included, the main focus is still on creating great memories that are in line with the children’s interests. You don’t go away with kids to sit in the accommodation all day, right? Of course not. You go to interesting places to see intriguing sights and take in new experiences. So, let them pick where you go and be guided by their wants and needs. They will feel independence on a scale they’ve never known and pride in having a stake in creating this fun time for the ones they love the most.

Focus on Quality Time Together

When you get there, try to check out from the daily grind a little. Put down your phone, keep the television off unless absolutely necessary and give them your full attention. Obviously, you need a break too and it’s important that you get that, as parents work hard and are often exhausted. However, the gift of your time and attention is the stuff that real bonds are made from. The kids will look back and remember what you did together.

Buy Them a Luxury Outfit

If you are thinking of buying them a special going away present, consider a luxurious, indulgent outfit like these ones from the Gucci kids range here. A special Gucci kids outfit in their wardrobe is always a nice thing to have, but when it is for an even more special purpose it makes it that bit more luxurious. Even though relationships are not bought, and love should never be based on receiving gifts, there is nothing wrong with showering your children with luxuries. Classy clothing boosts self-esteem and helps them find their identity and sense of self.

Make a Travel Activity Box for the Journey

Go out and buy a box. Fill it with all the things that they love to keep them entertained for a long car ride or flight. It will not only help you as a parent to keep them busy and engaged but also adds an extra touch of excitement for the kids. As caregivers are always finding ways to connect with their kids, it can be a bonding experience too.

Making your vacation time count is a top priority when you consider going away as a family. This is one week of the year where you get to be free from routine and responsibility and just focus on each other in a vibrant setting.

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