Refreshing your look in the new year can be transformative in terms of how you feel. There’s nothing like a brand-new appearance to walk into work with and have the at ‘New Year new me’ feeling. Rejuvenating your look doesn’t have to be about big, bold fixes. It can be about little tweaks here and there, that leave you feeling a bit more satisfied and confident with how you look.


Medical fixes

Nowadays, there are so many means of changing and adapting how you look, that they are far more readily accessible in modern healthcare clinics. Somewhere such as the Verve Cosmetic Clinic has a range of treatments which could be ideal for someone who is looking to fix and amend certain characteristics about themselves. For example; stray hairs that can be lasered off, or bodily changes that have come as a result of menopause can all be fixed hormonally. Another medical fix that people opt for would be cosmetic dental treatments. If this is something on your mind for awhile, schedule an appointment at the Dental Care team clinic to find out how you can enhance your smile.



Be careful about how you approach a new hairstyle. When undergoing a full transformation, it can be tempting to opt for a bold and drastic change, but make sure you are confident that you will love the result. Any seed of doubt could be a significant indicator that the new hairdo will only look as good if the 24 hours after you’ve had it styled. Once you put it under the shower and style it yourself, you may feel slightly different about the upkeep. Instead, your best bet may be to improve the hairstyle you currently have and choose a look that you know you can maintain.


Boost your skin texture

If you want to have people um-ing and ah-ing about what it is you have done, then perhaps consider giving your skin a real makeover. Upgrading your skin regime and overhauling your makeup routine could give you the glow-up you need. Bronzer, highlight and blush are the three basics you need to add to foundation and concealer to give your skin that wow-factor. If you have dry skin, consider opting for creams as opposed to powder. If you’re worried that your skin constantly looks powdery and dull, then using a liquid highlight on your orbital bones and a cream bronzer and blush will add some much-needed moisture to your skin.


Pick your statement

If you want to have a certain ‘wow’ factor to you, but don’t fancy walking into work with an entirely new image, then pick out one feature that will become your statement piece. Maybe you have a favorite color you know you look great in, or perhaps you have always loved statement jewelry: one standout fashion piece can give you an instant image overhaul by doing very little.


Rejuvenating your look doesn’t have to involve a TV show makeover: you can have people in the office asking what it is you have done by making just a few crucial tweaks to your look. Subtle changes are a much safer bet when it comes to self-confidence: a wacky new hairstyle might not be the empowerment surge you were hoping for.

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