When it comes to our pets, we want to make sure that they are getting the best food available in the market. Some pet owners even take time to prepare the food themselves. But there are times when the pets miss out on key ingredients that’s why premium dog foods are a great idea to ensure that your beloved canine gets all the nutrients they need daily.


Eukanuba dog food is one of the most popular variants in the market. They have an array of dog food that fits all sorts of dogs, from small and large breeds to dogs that may have existing medical conditions.


You may be wondering what makes Eunakuba a cut above all the others in the market today. To give you an idea, here are the top 4 ingredients you can find on Eukanuba dog food.


  1. Chicken and chicken by-product- The biggest component in Eukanuba dog food is chicken and its byproduct. This is a good source of protein which is very important for our dogs. Because dogs cannot store up proteins inside their bodies, it will have to be a staple part of their diet and not given through just supplements. Protein is responsible for many roles in their body. Dogs need it in order to repair their muscles and grow hair and muscle tissue.


  1. Cornmeal – Some people seem to think that cornmeal is just a filler in dog food, but it actually also has nutritional values. It is another source of protein so you are assured that your dog is getting the protein that they need. But aside from that, they are also good sources of carbohydrates and even antioxidants.


  1. Sorghum – This ingredient is also high in antioxidants. There are researches that show that this particular ingredient can be beneficial for dogs that are suffering from diabetes. That is because it does not cause a spike in insulin compared to other ingredients. Another thing about sorghum is that it is gluten-free making it perfect for dogs who may have issues with gluten.


  1. Fish oil – While some would find this an odd ingredient to find in dog food, it can present a lot of benefits. If you are health conscious, you know that fish oil can give you a lot of benefits, including great skin, etc. This is the same for pets like cats and dogs. Fish oil has EPA, which is anti-inflammatory so it helps with conditions like inflammation of the heart and joints. If you want to see your dog have better and shinier hair, the fish oil in their dog food can contribute to making that happen. There are also some researches that seem to point to fish oil helping dogs that have cancer by slowing down the growth of cancer in their bodies.


The four mentioned above are just some of the ingredients that you can find in Eukanuba dog food. Get ahold of one today and see just how it can benefit your pet’s life.

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  1. Sara says:

    This is some really good information about caring for a dog. I want to get a puppy soon. So, I liked that I should prevent my puppy from eating onion and garlic.

  2. BlackCat says:

    love your work about pets keep it up ….nice blog Gracias!

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  3. Aca Baranton says:

    Its nice to know that they have such an amazing aeeay of food for the dogs, all kinds. Use of fish oil is interesting because it has obvious benefits specially the cod’s liver oil that comes equipped with OMEGA3
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  4. Aca Baranton says:

    Very enticing and healthy ingredients, my pet pug is going to love this, as all the ingredients are his favorite and he is bored to death with his present meal.
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  5. tiger24game says:

    Thank you so much for this enlightening post,
    I have significantly got some thing right here and I will bookmark this page for your next upcoming post.

  6. Your efforts are highly appreciated and recommend. All the ingredients you have mentioned looks good and exciting.

  7. Zakaria says:

    Great article. Love your writing style.
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  8. you had conducted a lot of research it was an amazing article

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