Much has been written about the grandeur of the landscapes of Ireland. It is not called Emerald Isle for no reason. Ireland has lush greeneries maybe due to the rain which is omnipresent all throughout the year. That is why if you are planning a vacation to Ireland, summer weather is the best weather to explore the picturesque terrain of this island. You can book your trips to Ireland through travel agencies which offer tours and travel packages according to your budget and vacation time frame. Below are just three benefits to help you consider traveling to Ireland in the summer.

  1. You can experience relaxing long drives. When you spend your vacation in summer, it is more likely that the weather will have less rainfall and more sunshine.  Ireland is made up of very different terrains that you can explore through driving throughout the magnificent country. You can choose to take your own car and have a self-driven trip around Ireland at your own pace and anywhere you fancy. You may also book with a coach tour where a guide can take you around Ireland to view its magnificent landscapes with other tourists in the comfort of a bus. If you got extra money to spare, the perfect choice would be to hire a chauffeur-driven tour wherein you can just sit back, relax, and enjoy the view while the tour guide drives you around the famous attractions of Ireland whether uptown or in the countryside.  Don’t forget to take along your gopro camera solutions to immortalise those amazing views. Summer is the perfect time to take these long drives around the Emerald Isle.
  2. Get soaked under the sun by visiting Ireland’s blue flag beaches. Ireland may not look like a beach destination because of its rainy weather. Maybe it is high time that Ireland’s blue flag beaches be explored. Should you decide to visit Ireland in the summer, the beaches are an added attraction to the grand views that it had always been famous for. Having been granted the blue flag status, Irish beaches are superb swimming spots. You can also try other water activities like surfing as there are also great surfing areas on the Irish coast. While you are enjoying the summer weather, you may also adore the gorgeous shores as you go island hopping in the hundreds of islands of Ireland.
  3. Experience one-of-a-kind Irish music and arts festivals.When you think of Irish, music always comes to mind. If you do not want to miss out on the numerous music festivals, come to Ireland during summertime. Be sure also to book your tickets for the music festivals of your choice during your summer trip. Dublin is the place to be when you are looking for the local music fests that Ireland is well-known for. It would also be good to know that it is not only the music festivals that are celebrated in summer but the arts festivals as well. Ireland is also big on visual arts, theater, dance, and cinema and all these happen in summer, another reason not to pass these off.

If Ireland is not on your list of summer vacation spots, then the list above may hopefully convince you to consider that there is more to see and experience in the Emerald Isles in summer.  

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