The Roanoke Girls

Author: Amy Engel

Publication Date: March 7th, 2017

Publisher: Crown

Source: I received a copy of this book from the publisher via the Blogging For Books Program in exchange for an honest review.

Synopsis: Roanoke girls never last long around here. In the end, we either run or we die.

After her mother’s suicide, fifteen year-old Lane Roanoke came to live with her grandparents and fireball cousin, Allegra, on their vast estate in rural Kansas. Lane knew little of her mother’s mysterious family, but she quickly embraced life as one of the rich and beautiful Roanoke girls. But when she discovered the dark truth at the heart of the family, she ran fast and far away.

Eleven years later, Lane is adrift in Los Angeles when her grandfather calls to tell her Allegra has gone missing. Did she run too? Or something worse? Unable to resist his pleas, Lane returns to help search, and to ease her guilt at having left Allegra behind. Her homecoming may mean a second chance with the boyfriend whose heart she broke that long ago summer. But it also means facing the devastating secret that made her flee, one she may not be strong enough to run from again.

As it weaves between Lane’s first Roanoke summer and her return, The Roanoke Girls shocks and tantalizes, twisting its way through revelation after mesmerizing revelation, exploring the secrets families keep and the fierce and terrible love that both binds them together and rips them apart.

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I’ve heard so many amazing things about The Book of Ivy series, and while I haven’t read it, I knew for a fact that I had to read this one.  I was incredibly interested in the mystery aspect of the book, and thought that it could be a really deep and meaningful read.

I loved reading this!  The characters were actually multi-dimensional instead of being dull and flat, like I have run into a lot with adult mystery novels lately, so I was thrilled that I managed to connect to the characters as much as I did.

The mystery wasn’t that easy to be solved, either – I honestly didn’t see any of that coming, and I’m actually hesitant to talk about it in detail because the whole plot of the book is so rich that it’s just amazing to hop into yourself and figure things out.  The end result of the mystery was dark and wound deep into the past of the family, making it one of those books with an unforgettable twist that I truly didn’t see coming.

There is so much going on here in terms of family, and I think that’s what I liked most about the book.  Every family has their own secrets and mysteries – some of them going back deeper and longer than other families, but when you stumble across them, you should always be prepared!

If you like adult mysteries and thrillers, this is a great book to pick up.  It isn’t all that long, and it makes for a really fast paced and fun read!  I can’t wait to see what Amy Engel has in store for her fans next!

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