Reiki is an ancient practice that originated in Japan to release tension, bust stress, and bring about relaxation for providing healing of the body and the mind. If we were to translate the two terms “Rei” and “Ki” from Japanese to English, it would be similar to a phrase such as “the wisdom of God in life’s energy.” The translation is kind of vague as the term Reiki wasn’t supposed to be translated to English, but the abstract phrase does a good job of delivering the core meaning to us.

In practice, Reiki is the art of developing the healing touch, where the specialist helps in soothing the body and the mind with his/her hands alone, through energy manipulation. Let us now take a look at some of the many ways in which Reiki sessions can actually help you to heal physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Physical Healing and Associated Aspects

In no way or form does Reiki interfere with traditional treatment, nor does it promise to be a complete replacement for any kind of medical treatment. Therein lies the beauty of the practice of healing hands because it doesn’t make fake promises; nor does it adversely affect or interfere with the patient’s usual treatment and medication. What Reiki does is accelerates the physical healing process naturally and augments traditional treatments by making them more effective.

For instance, if you use most forms of alternative medicine to treat cancer alongside chemotherapy, there are chances of alternative medicines reacting with the chemo drugs to cause more harm than good.

Reiki, on the other hand, provides actual pain relief, brings about physical relaxation, and improves the overall functioning of the patient’s body, without interfering in any way since the healing touch of Reiki is only touch and nothing more. There are no herbs or pills or magical elixirs that you will need to consume because the Reiki therapist will do all the work and do so only via touching.

Healing the Mind with Reiki

It is often observed that patients suffering from depression, stress and anxiety experience significant relief after just a few or sometimes even one Reiki session delivered by an experienced therapist.

According to the theories of Reiki, this is achieved as a natural result of balanced energies within the person’s body, mind, and soul. Emotions of all kind produce energy, be it positive or negative. When negative energy from negative emotions get trapped, stress and anxiety are created as byproducts of the trapped force of those emotions.

Reiki simply releases the negative energy trapped within the individual and helps the body and soul reach equilibrium again, which is why people often report feeling calmer, happier, and more balanced after a Reiki session.

This healing effect of Reiki achieved via the release of negative energy and rebalancing of the energy levels is often found to be useful in cases where the individual had been subjected to long-term harsh conditions or abuse of any kind. The bad experiences of life can hurt the soul and with the help of the healing hands of a Reiki therapist, it might be possible to help patients suffering from PTSD and other types of trauma-induced psychological issues.

Spiritual Healing and Awakening Via Reiki

The hand of a Reiki master manipulates the energy around and inside the body of the being, be it a human, an animal or even a plant. In addition to accelerating the healing process for which Reiki has gained most of its fame, perhaps what makes the touch of healing hands so much more effective is that it touches the mind and the soul itself.

If there is a soul, then it has to be made up of energy, and since Reiki is all about energy manipulation via the art of touch, it is possible to heal the soul itself with the right touches, according to Reiki masters. Not only does it heal the soul, but it may also make the individual more open to spiritual energies flowing all around them.

As a result of such spiritually healing and awakening sessions, people can experience a number of positive results, such as a heightened intuition which lets the person intuitively make more right choices than wrong ones, without even realizing how they are doing it.

It is believed by Reiki masters that when the soul truly wakes up and becomes conscious of its connection to the universal cosmic energy, it is able to guide the mind into making better and more positive decisions that lead to true happiness.

If your heart desires something, Reiki sessions can actually help you to see a better and clearer path that leads towards what you are seeking so desperately. It provides guidance to the hard work and, therefore, makes it more fruitful.

More importantly in some situations, continued Reiki therapy provides the individual with the courage and motivation he/she needs to pursue that newly revealed path in life leading to the things desired, as opposed to previously being trapped by shortsightedness and a lack of courage to take the steps necessary.

You Can Learn Reiki Too

Anyone who is willing to learn the magic of healing touches can learn it because there are no eligibility criterions here. However, the level of expertise will vary from person to person depending on a lot of factors and his/her unique connection to the higher energies.

At the very least though, you can expect to be able to use Reiki and heal others around you mentally and even physically up to an extent. Headaches are among the first physical ailments that you will learn to treat effectively with Reiki and it’s actually quite awesome if you think about it!

Now that we have discussed some wonderful ways in which Reiki can help in healing the body and the soul, it is time to inform you that these are just some of the many benefits which Reiki treatments and a bit of teaching can have on your life. You may not even directly realize what those effects are all the time but rest assured that they will be there, and the effects will be positive.

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