There have been several hugely important actions by humans that have greatly shaped the current world, how far we’ve been able to advance, and our overall quality of life. Perhaps the most important act was figuring out how to plant crops; agriculture took us away from being nomadic peoples, to a species built around crops — which gave rise to towns, and then cities, and then countries. Another fantastic move by humans was learning the power of the written word. Instead of simply relying on oral testaments from older members of the community, we could now write down what we’ve learned, which could then be read by future generations.


This move has been deeply important for human advancement since it’s allowed us to build on the information and knowledge that has already been figured out, which means we don’t have to be forever starting again. For this reason, libraries have been hugely important in the development of our human civilization. Indeed, even today, they play a pivotal role in society, educating citizens, bringing people together, and all-around providing the space and tools needed for self-improvement.


While all libraries are good, some are a little more special than others, due to the items that they possess, their beauty, or their historical importance. These exist in countries all across the world, and make the world a better place. To learn more about the world’s most famous libraries, take a look at the infographic outlined below, which was produced by the University of Southern California.

Infographic Design By University of Southern California

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