Pets are more than just friends; they become part of the family. As a pet owner, you should want to spend as much time as possible with your pet. Time with your pets doesn’t last forever; that’s why you should aim at documenting and having memorabilia that preserve these memories.

In this article, we will look at some fun ways you can do to make sure you make lasting memories of your furry friends.


How Can You Immortalize Your Pets Forever?

1. Create Artwork Inspired by Your Pet

Art is the window of the soul and, therefore, a perfect way to make something artsy that reflects your relationship with your pet. There are creative ways to create art, such as Instapainting that capture the essence of your pet on canvas. You can then hang this artwork for decoration and sentimental value.

2. Memory Chest/Box

A memory box helps you keep all your pet’s favorite things. Although it can be assembled after you have lost your pet, you can keep all these things to remind you of important memories you may have shared with your pet. You can put in there a memory book that describes everything about your dog including, they say they were born or adopted, their favorite park or play toy, their various milestones, e.g., when they were house-trained successfully, etc.

3. Make a Photo Album

In the recent past, more and more pet owners are creating social media accounts for their pets. This is a creative way to create a following while documenting the beautiful times they share with their pets. Aside from this genius way of storing your pets’ photographs, you can also create a simple photo album to categorize photos based on seasons, events, etc.

You can start making an album from when your pets were born, bought, or adopted and document every special memory after that. Depending on your budget, you can hire a professional pet photographer or do it yourself at home. The one important thing to remember in pet photography is to focus on the eyes.

4. Make Them Custom Jewelry

You can make them personalized jewelry such as tags, photo pendants, etc., based on the season or things they like currently. You can also make a tag display of all the tags they have had over the years. All these things will help you map out dates, places, and things you did with your furry friends and tell the story of their life.

5. Have Their Faces on Printed Mugs and Calendars

You can have your pet’s face printed on your favorite coffee mug and take it to work. It’s a simple yet effective way of having your pet close to you even when you are not. Another genius way to preserve memories with your pet is to have a calendar made with different photos each month. Both these ideas are fun projects that you can do to make sure your pet is considered a part of the family.

6. Plant a Tree/ Flowers

Some pets enjoy being out in nature; therefore, you might want to plant some greenery for your pets to enjoy if you have a big backyard. You can have picnics in the backyard and play with your pets in the garden. Some people plant trees and flowers in memory of their deceased pet, but it’s more fun if they get to enjoy the scenery while they are alive.

7. Preserve Their Paw Print

Just like with babies, you can document a pet’s growth pattern by framing their paw print molds. You can have your whole family paint and decorate the molds and hang them up on the wall. Some people even have molds of the whole family, including the dog made and displayed on the front door, which is very creative and adorable.

8. Wear Matching Outfits

This idea is not for everyone, but if you love to dress up, especially for birthdays and holidays, then this could be a perfect way to spend time with your pet. Some stores stock both pet and human clothes that you can buy and twin with your furry friend. Taking these memorable photos and sharing them online is very ‘gram-worthy.

9. Personalized Plaques and Picture Frames

Using personalized picture frames on the mantle is an excellent way to include your pet in the family pictures. Plaques with your pets’ names can be used to mark their belongings around the house, such as their special sleeping area, feeding bowls, etc. You can either buy them from the store or have the whole family involved in making them and make a fun little project out of it.

10. Make a Home Video

Home videos have been used in many families to document special days, occasions, seasons, etc., and you can also have them for your pets. Unlike photographs, they capture lengthy moments and don’t need to be perfect. You can also have a photo slideshow with music in the background to document your favorite memories with your pets.

With the internet, you can choose not to enjoy your pet alone but share them with family and friends on social media.


Importance of Having Memorabilia of Your Pets

Since pets are like family, they should be treated like any other member of the family. Anything they like, own, should be kept or documented for future reference. The time spent with your pet should be maximized because pets don’t live forever. By preserving these precious memories, it gives your pets life meaning as they will never be forgotten.

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2 Responses to The Best Ways to Preserve Memories With Your Furry Friends

  1. Aca Baranton says:

    When I bought my pet pug home around 6 years back, the first thing kids of family did was to create a Facebook page for the Mack, the pug. Since then that page has been frequently updated with pictures, videos and hugely liked by our friends and family.
    Aca Baranton recently posted…How to remove tick from dog with alcoholMy Profile

  2. Aca Baranton says:

    Excellent tips! I created a Facebook page for my pet pug when we first brought him home and kept updating the page with photographs and videos and he has got a good fan following and we are extremely proud of him 🙂
    Aca Baranton recently posted…Are there any essential oils safe for cats?My Profile

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