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Book Title:
The Gift
Book Author:
Alison Gaylin
Book Series:
Hush, #5
Page Count:
Publishing Date:
July 30th, 2020
Amazon Original Stories
Date Read:
March 3rd, 2021
Kindle Edition
Prime Reading


What’s a desperate mother to do when her child suddenly disappears? Anything it takes to keep the family together in USA Today bestselling author Alison Gaylin’s short story with a sting.

It’s dreaded news for actress Lyla McCord and her husband, Nolan. Their eight-year-old daughter has vanished. To find her, Nolan reaches out to a psychic gifted with uncanny visions about the lost girl. But Lyla thinks she sees right through him. Is he a con artist or the real thing? Either way, he might be telling the truth. And that’s too frightening for Lyla to bear.

Alison Gaylin’s The Gift is part of Hush, a collection of six stories, ranging from political mysteries to psychological thrillers, in which deception can be a matter of life and death. Each piece can be read or listened to in one truly chilling sitting.

My Review

The Gift is the fifth short story in the Amazon Original Stories Hush collection, which features short mysteries and thrillers that are designed to keep you on the edge of your seat while you read through each installment in one … Continue reading

4 stars
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