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Some of us can’t rush out and buy the latest Apple hardware each year and with development and technological updates, your device may become unsuitable for what you may later require. For most, the fact that Macs hold their value is owed to how the devices were manufactured and why the devices last. So, we try to recognize the signs of a Mac that’s not quite in its prime anymore.


If your old Ipad or Macbook’s materialistic condition is still great then you may be thinking, as it is no longer suited for your needs, it could perhaps go to some use for your children.


Unfortunately with the age of a device, comes taking forever to boot it up. Don’t rush to get special Apple assistance or sell it in when this happens, as there may be a few things you can do to an old Mac to make it feel new again.


You might not have to wipe your tablet before giving it to your kids, but doing so is so much faster than to fuss around deleting apps and caches, clearing histories, deleting photos etc. Also, setting things up fresh keeps things fresh but can have its own problems when taking this on.


As always, it is always a good working practice to make sure you’ve backed up any valuable data like personal photos, videos or messages from the device before proceeding.


You can find the reset setting within your iPad under the following path, Settings > General > Reset. Selecting the “Reset All Settings” to start the fresh restart. There are umpteen amounts of guides and information regarding this on Google and Apples support websites, all aimed to help the complete tech newbie on their task of factory resetting their devices.

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Recognizing When Your Older Ipad Or Mac Isn’t Worth Gifting


Old devices are perfect for children because you’ve already used them so you know they will work. Generally, partly down to ‘Moore’s Law’, technology will grow at somewhat a persistent rate but giving a 15 year, potentially outdated or obsolete device away to be used productively or by means of entertaining might be pointless. First off, you should start off by ensuring your Mac is on the list of models supported by macOS Sierra. You’ll also want to make considerations that the device has at least 2GB of memory and 8.8GB of storage space.


Statistics taken show that in 2018 parents allow their kids to use the family iPad to play games and to access other multimedia apps. Today’s children are also statistically more likely to want a Mac over a PC. This was shown in recent Mac-based sales that were the highest in previous years.

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For The Kids


Protect It with a Sturdy Case


Because children are generally clumsy; well,  any case you select should reciprocate their age. At a young primary age, the minimum the case protection should have is a thick shock absorbing material that surrounds the corners of the iPad. A case with a protective border also goes a long way towards the probability of a corner, or screen oriented drop to the kitchen tiles doesn’t shatter the screen.


Stock It Up With Kid-Friendly Apps


With your beloved old device protected and factory wiped clean, the first thing to do will be to put apps on there that your kids will like want to use. There are plenty of interactive and colourful games that also can provide core educational skills, all available on the store. Depending on the device, some apps for reading books on Mac can also be used on other devices and a great addition to the functionality of the device.


If you’re overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps that are available within the App Store and are unsure of their content being entirely safe, check out the available apps, games and more over on Common Sense Media’s website. This is an organization focused on analyzing the content within the public domain, everything from books, TV shows to apps and online games. This is to help parents make informed decisions about what their kids are digitally consuming.


Other considerations might need to be taken such as YouTube has an app that has a YouTube ‘Kids app’, a safer version of YouTube that’s constantly aiming to provide kid-friendly content to their minor aged viewers.


Parental Controls


The Restrictions section of the Apples Settings app offers many options. You can restrict certain types of apps, content types and their ratings, restriction of device functions; such as deletion of apps, privacy settings, cellular data usage, and more.


Apple has really made it very easy in setting up Parental Controls and can be quickly set up to protect your minors. With all the content available including possible age-restricted material and games that possibly may be available on the store, it couldn’t be easier to protect your minors from accidentally stumbling upon this or even racking up a major bill from purchasing games.


Here Is How To Set Up Parental Controls And Content Restrictions


  • Go to Settings and tap Screen Time.
  • Tap Continue, then choose “This is My [Device]” or “This is My Child’s [Device].”
    • If you’re the parent or guardian of your device and want to prevent another family member from changing your settings, tap Use Screen Time Passcode to create a passcode. Then re-enter the passcode to confirm.
    • If you’re setting up Screen Time on your child’s device, follow the prompts until you get to Parent Passcode and enter a passcode. Re-enter the passcode to confirm.
  • Tap Content & Privacy Restrictions. If asked, enter your passcode, then turn on Content & Privacy.

For a full guide, you can find it here at Apple’s support centre.


Now you can block in-app purchases, choose what type of content to censor, disable location sharing, and a lot more!


Armed with a protective sturdy case and now bulked up with some quality apps, making use of the handy built-in restrictions iOS offers to help manage your child’s tablet usage, you can easily turn your once respected iPad, into a futuristic interactive screen that offers quality content for your kids to learn, enjoy and develop with.


What things helped you to decide what was the best choice of device for your technologically inspired children? Did you gift an old device to them or purchased a new one? Let us know in the comments below!

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