Book Title:
You Don't Know My Name
Book Author:
Kristen Orlando
Book Series:
The Black Angel Chronicles, #1
Publishing Date:
January 10th, 2017
Swoon Reads
Date Read:
January 17th, 2017
ARC from publisher - Thank you!


Fighter, Faker, Student, Spy. Seventeen-year-old Reagan Elizabeth Hillis is used to changing identities overnight, lying to every friend she’s ever had, and pushing away anyone who gets too close. Trained in mortal combat and weaponry her entire life, Reagan is expected to follow in her parents’ footsteps and join the ranks of the most powerful top-secret agency in the world, the Black Angels. Falling in love with the boy next door was never part of the plan.

Now Reagan has to decide: Will she use her incredible talents and lead the dangerous life she was born into, or throw it all away to follow her heart and embrace the normal life she's always wanted? And does she even have a choice at all?

Find out if you are ready to join the Black Angels in the captivating and emotional page-turner, You Don't Know My Name, from debut novelist Kristen Orlando!

My Review

You Don’t Know My Name is described in the synopsis as a “page turner,” and let me point out how true this is!  I couldn’t put this down, and before I knew it, I had read through the entire book.  I started it when I was in the waiting room at the doctor’s office, and I came home, read some more, and then finished it.  It was fast paced, fun, and full of romance and tons of thrilling situations that kept me on the edge of my seat.

If you’ve read some of my reviews, you know that I’m totally obsessed with spy thrillers.  I knew this was going to be right up my alley as soon as I heard that it was a spy thriller, without even knowing what the book was about.  I didn’t really bother to read the synopsis again after the first time, and normally I do this multiple times prior to reading a book so I can remember what it’s about.  But that didn’t really matter to me, because I knew it was going to be amazing.  Spy thrillers are  just so full of awesomeness that once I start reading, it’s pretty much impossible for me to put it down.  Yes, I walk around with a book in front of myself like some people try to maneuver around a grocery store while playing with their cell phones (only I’ve mastered the art of walking, cooking, and brushing my teeth without driving other people insane).

“‘To whom much is given, much is expected.'”

This is the motto that Reagan grows up hearing.  Her parents are part of a secret spy agency known as The Black Angels, and they have an incredible amount of special training, and go on dangerous missions to rescue civilians and take out people who are harmful.  Reagan has seen her parents go on these missions, come back just fine, or sometimes even hurt, but it’s par for the course for her family  Reagan, who one day will be a member of The Black Angels, also trains – running several miles a day, practicing martial arts, and target practice, both before and after school.

Reagan has also grown up in many different places, with many different names.  Every time someone discovers the location of her family, the government uproots them and moves them somewhere else, with no notice, with a fresh name, home, and the inability to ever go back to previous locations, interact with friends and neighbors, or be the people they once were.  While it has been difficult for Reagan in the past, it’s almost impossible this time.

This time, Reagan has Luke.  Luke, the perfect guy that gives her butterflies and gives her a reason to get excited about each new day.

When Luke and Reagan finally decide to move their relationship above friendship, it makes her happy and she feels like she has everything she’s ever wanted.  It also makes her question whether or not she wants to be a Black Angel when she graduates from high school – does she really want to trade the comfort of love and being able to settle down just to be a secret agent like her parents?  What about all of the things she wants for herself?

When Reagan’s parents come home from a mission looking a lot more disgruntled than Reagan has ever seen them, she knows what’s coming.  She knows she’s about to be uprooted again, and there isn’t anything she can do about it.  She won’t even get to say goodbye to Luke, and the two of them will have their hearts broken.

When Reagan’s parents are kidnapped by family members of one of their prior targets in order to extract revenge, Reagan decides that instead of doing what the other Black Angels insist she do – sit back quietly and wait for them to be rescued, that she is going to take matters into her own hands and save them herself.

This book was action packed from the very beginning to the very end.  So much happened that there wasn’t a dull moment in the entire book.  I loved how the considerations for her future shaped who Reagan was as a person – she had to deal with what she wanted out of her life – if she wanted to become a Black Angel, as everyone expected her to, or whether she wanted to give all of that up for a peaceful life, where she could settle down, make friends, raise a family, and not have to worry about training, hiding, and getting killed while on missions.

I hated the way that Reagan tried to deal with her and Luke’s blossoming relationship once they decided to take things to a new level – she wanted to hurt him intentionally so that he would let her go.  After all, she couldn’t exactly tell him why she was about to disappear, but I still felt like she was a bit heartless in choosing to do it the way she did.

And that ending?  It made me so sad, but it was a perfect set up for the next book, which I know is going to be another one heck of a thrill ride.

It’s so rare for me to rate a book 5 stars, but man, this one deserved it.  I did wonder if this was going to be way too romance-y for me, and skimp on the thrills and action, but it didn’t.  In fact, the romance was a nice side-plot, but it wasn’t the main point of the book, and I loved that.

I’m super excited for the next book in the series – like, so excited that I’ll probably read this one over a few times.  If you’re interested in spy thrillers or just want a romance with a bit more than just romance on the pages, you definitely need to pick up You Don’t Know My Name!

5 stars
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12 Responses to You Don’t Know My Name by Kristen Orlando

  1. Wow! Your review has me wanting to read this. It sounds like such a thrill and you have it such a high rating. It’s definitely going on my TBR!
    Deanna @ A Novel Glimpse recently posted…Review: Pasadena by Sherri L. SmithMy Profile

    • Kelly says:

      I think it’s something you would enjoy, especially the romance aspect of it! It’s one of those books that have two best friends turning into more than friends, and it’s tastefully (and sweetly) done! Plus the whole undercover spy plot adds so much fun to this!

  2. Raven says:

    Great Review! I have this book in my tbr and now I really can’t wait to read it! 😀

  3. Melanie says:

    I haven’t heard of this book before now, but I really want to read it now! I love thrillers although I haven’t read that many spy thrillers. Awesome review!

    • Kelly says:

      Thanks so much! I haven’t read that many spy thrillers either, but now when I come across one I always find myself automatically adding it to my TBR pile! I hope you absolutely love it when you read it!

  4. I love anything spy related – and to hear that the romance didn’t overpower the plot was really nice! I’ll have to add this to my to-read pile – thanks for sharing, Kelly! 🙂

    • Kelly says:

      Thank you! I really hope that you like it if you choose to read it – it’s definitely an edge of your seat kind of read with a sweet romance, which is one of the best kinds!

  5. Oh Wow, girl! This was a great review!!! My co-blogger Becky read it as well and LOVED IT as well. You both are making me put this on my TBR. Again great review, Kelly and thanks for stopping by the blog again. xoxo

    • Kelly says:

      This is one of those times where I have to say it’s a book you NEED to read! It was such an amazing story and I bet you’ll love it! Thanks for stopping by!

  6. Becky says:

    I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!! To be honest I was shocked with the ending and I almost cried; I really can´t wait to read the next book, this book was like a movie and I really can´t wait to know what happens next <3
    Becky recently posted…Review: By Your Side by Kasie WestMy Profile

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