Book Title:
This Book is Magic
Book Author:
Ashley Evanson
Publishing Date:
January 17th, 2017
Grosset & Dunlap
Date Read:
December 10th, 2016
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Make some magic in this colorful, interactive picture book from the author/illustrator of the Hello, World board book series!

Do you know that you're a magician? In this interactive book, use your fingers to perform all kinds of magic tricks. Tap a hat to make a bunny appear, recite a spell to make books bigger, say "Gone-zo!" to make a ship disappear, and much more. But beware: the clever magic tricks don't always turn out the way you'd expect!

Reminiscent of Herve Tullet's Press Here, kids and adults! are sure to want to read this book again and again as they perfect their magic skills.

My Review

Kids love magic! And they love it even more when they actually get to be the magician and make the magic happen!  So if you have a little one who adores magic and all things interactive, brightly colored, and fun, then this is a book that you absolutely need to pick up!

This Book is Magic isn’t just a great read for small children, but it’s also magical for adults, too!

I love reading with my daughters.  The first time we read Press Here, my younger daughter was so captivated by it that I’m pretty sure we read it about 200 times in the same day.  When Mix it Up, by the same author, came out, that one got read so much that we had to get a second copy.

Enter This Book is Magic by Ashley Evanson.  Never before have I encountered a book that made my 4 year old as excited and giggly as this book.  She would sit on my lap and read it over and over again, following the instructions and being absolutely delighted in the fact that she made all of the “magic” happen.

The book starts out slowly, explaining that your little one has a magic finger, and to give it a wave in the air, say a a magic word, and watch what happens.  After saying the magic words and giving your finger a wave, you turn the page and watch as your magic trick actually happens!  You will make some ordinary books huge books, make a ship disappear, and turn the Queen of Hearts into something a bit sweeter.

The interactive aspect of this book is what makes it so much fun, and while you might think it would get a bit repetitive after reading it about a dozen times an hour, it doesn’t.  It’s still as fun and exciting as the first time that I read it to my daughter, and each time she gets a little sillier as she works her way through the book.

While the book is designed for younger children, I can see older kids enjoying this, too.  The bright, colorful pictures add to the fun of the book, and will keep your little one entertained from the front cover through the very last page.  There is something to do to involve them on every single page, and they will love watching their magic come to life right before their eyes.

If you love picture books or are looking for a fun and interactive book for your children, this magical and brilliant masterpiece from Ashley Evanson is not to be missed!

5 stars
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