Book Title:
Love Me, Love Me Not
Book Author:
Alyxandra Harvey
Publishing Date:
February 22nd, 2016
Entangled Teen
Date Read:
March 1st, 2016


Dating isn’t easy when you’re in the middle of a blood feud.

Anastasia Vila’s family can turn into swans, but just once she’d like them to turn into responsible adults.

After hundreds of years, they still cling to the blood feud with the Renard family. No one remembers how it started in the first place—but foxes and swans just don’t get along.

Vilas can only transform into their swan shape after they have fallen in love for the first time, but between balancing schoolwork, family obligations, and the escalating blood feud, Ana’s got no time for love. The only thing keeping her sane is her best friend, Pierce Kent.

But when Pierce kisses Ana, everything changes.

Is what Pierce feels for her real, or a byproduct of her magic? Can she risk everything for her best friend? And when the family feud spirals out of control, Ana must stop the fight before it takes away everything she loves. Including, maybe...Pierce.

This Entangled Teen Crave book contains language, violence, and lots of kissing. Warning: it might induce strong feelings of undeniable attraction for your best friend.

My Review

Let me begin this by saying that I really hate writing negative reviews.  I mean, I always feel kind of bad about it, but I also don’t want to lie, so here we are.

I had such high hopes for Love Me, Love Me Not.  Never having read anything else by Alyxandra Harvey, I was excited, because her books have been raved about by so many in the blogging community.  However, I really felt let down after reading this book.  I see a lot of people saying that it was really original and beautifully written – and while I can agree with it being nicely written, I felt like I’d read parts of this somewhere else…especially the parts about the feuding families.  That’s when I realized it reminded me so much of The Weight of Feathers, by Anna-Marie McLemore.  Only, not as memorable or breathtaking.

Ana wants to fall in love.  By falling in love, she will be able to transform into a swan, and since she has many family members, she has watched them all claim this ability and she’s starting to becoming convinced that it will never happen for her, especially with all the family demands and school work she has to make sure she stays on top of.

When her best friend, Pierce, finally kisses her, she has to wonder – does he really have feelings for her, or is it because she has the ability to use magic, and he might be under the influence of said magic?  Also, does she even feel that way about him, or should she hold out hope that her crush will notice her?

Along with all of this, there is a family feud between Ana’s family and another, but no one even remembers why it started.  However, Ana’s character was interesting, as were some of her family members (such as her aunt).

“When your day started with decade-old battle-blood and your aunt signing about making a harp from your bones and your hair, it’s probably best just to go back to bed.”

There are some amusing aspects of Love Me, Love Me Not that made me smile, so I have to give the book credit on that aspect!

Unfortunately, the love story didn’t really feel as believable as I had hoped it would (I was really hoping for a swoon-worthy romance that I couldn’t put down), so that kind of threw me off.  Maybe I’m just spoiled after reading other books with the same theme, but I think if you haven’t read the one that I listed above, you might enjoy this.  It was a pretty quick read – I finished it in a day, so it didn’t take forever to get through or anything.

Note: I received an ARC copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.


2 stars
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