Book Title:
Kiss Kill Love Him Still
Book Author:
Jamie Blair and Dawn Rae Miller
Publishing Date:
November 10th, 2015
Date Read:
November 9th, 2015


Jackson Landis kept secrets. It's how he got girls into bed, the grades he wanted, and a reputation for being the life of the party.

But now he's dead, and no one knows how or why. Especially not the four girls whose secrets he protected. Secrets so scandalous they could cause each girl to lose something valuable. Secrets so dark, someone may have killed for them.

The four girls - a campus drug dealer, an overweight bookworm, a closeted lesbian, and a spoiled princess have one thing in common – they’re terrified the things Jackson knew may not have died with him. As Reggie, Haddie, Val, and Livie try to piece together her own role in Jackson’s death, each girl realizes Jackson had some not-so-pretty skeletons of his own.

Which makes a girl wonder, who really wanted Jackson Landis dead?

My Review

Four girls are all in love with one guy – Jackson Landis.  Four girls, who are completely different from each other – Val (who is an alcoholic and prefers women to men, including her boyfriend, Paul), Livie (Jackson’s diva of a girlfriend, who he called “Crazy Livie”), Reggie (the campus drug dealer who Jackson called on frequently), and Haddie (who works in the campus library), are all tangled up in Jackson’s life, and all are completely shocked to hear that he had randomly died.  While they barely know each other, and if they do, they don’t like one another in the slightest, none of them knew what kind of secrets the others were keeping – including that they were all sleeping with Jackson for different reasons – and he was holding their secrets against them to get what he wanted.

Jackson has something on each girl that he can use to blackmail them – including Livie.  So each girl has a motive for murdering Jackson, but who actually did?

I don’t usually read NA fiction, but I enjoyed this.  Honestly, I didn’t even realize it was based on a college campus instead of a high school until I started reading the book.  It kind of reminded me of Pretty Little Liars in a way, because the girls were all such secretive bitches (and I don’t feel bad using the word “bitch” to describe them, because it’s on the cover), and it was so fun learning about their secrets and their motives for killing Jackson.  Parts of this book made me laugh a lot, and some parts made me sad – either way, the characters were fun, had interesting personalities, and I found myself getting kind of addicted to the story.

The only part of this book I hated was the cliffhanger.  Ugh, I hate books with cliffhangers, especially when the story itself is so good.  I thought this could have just been longer (it was relatively short), and just wrapped everything up, but I’m going to be incredibly impatient waiting for the next book to come out.  If this book turns into a series, I would definitely be hooked, that’s for sure.  The authors have such amazing writing skills, and they form a great team on this book.

Note: I received an ARC copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

4 stars
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