4 Reasons For Authors To Consider A Blog Tour

If you are an author, you might wonder what all the fuss is about when it comes to a blog tour. You’ll have heard of them, of course, and you might have been intrigued, but surely it’s a lot of work for little reward?

That isn’t actually the case at all; many authors find that organizing a blog tour – or having someone arrange one for them – is a great way to promote themselves and their work. If you’ve never been involved, here are some reasons to consider giving a blog tour a try now that you have your latest book out and want more people to know about it.

Gain Exposure

The more exposure an author can get, whether they are already established or they are brand new, and this is their first book, the better. Exposure is the best way to make sales and gain new readers, and a blog tour is an ideal way to get this exposure in the best possible way.

Depending on the type of tour you are organizing or are part of, your book could be the main feature on a reviewer’s website for many weeks. It will depend on whether it is a solo blog tour or one that involves a number of different authors, so make sure you have all the information from the start.

Low Maintenance

Authors don’t have to do much when it comes to being part of a blog tour. Tweeting the information and having the details on Facebook are great ideas as this will ensure even more people know about it, but other than that and providing all the images and information about the book that you might need the websites to include, that’s it. As far as your writing career goes, a blog tour is one of the lowest maintenance aspects of it.

It Doesn’t Cost Much

Marketing can be an expensive option, especially if you want the highest number of people to see what you are doing and to get involved in your campaign. Yet, a blog tour is a low-cost option that anyone could include in their marketing budget without any trouble. Sometimes it is even free, and again this will depend on the type of tour you are joining in with.

As well as paying the promoter their fee, the only other cost would be any giveaways that you intended to do. Offering prizes and giveaways along the tour is another wonderful way to get greater involvement in what you are doing, especially on social media. These prizes can range from copies of your book, coupons, sought after items like a Hitcase Ferra leather iPhone Case or anything else that will engage people and have them share your information around.

Amazon Reviews

Whether you like it or not, you have to admit that Amazon is one of the first places that people will head to when they want to buy something online, and that is especially the case if you are selling books. When Amazon first started, it was an online bookseller, and that idea has never really left people’s minds

Getting reviews on Amazon can boost sales tremendously, and it tends to be part of the package. A blogger who hosts and reviews the book on their site will also review the book on Amazon, and your rankings can increase dramatically when this happens.

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