The Miniature Australian Shepherds are one of the finest breeds, and in particular, are a popular choice  in Colorado.

We all know the nature of this dog breed. They exhibit excessive jumping but can also have periods of shyness and quiet. They can dig up your front lawn but also be ready for receiving instructions. This Miniature Australian breed is one of the best family dogs to have in Colorado.

However, the intellect that these dogs display makes them quite a character. It gives them a personality that is common among its other four-legged cousins. An Aussie dog is instinctively designed to be a herding dog and the ability to herd gives it the leadership skills it so often displays; this is also a skill that you should be wary of.

If untrained, the Australian Puppies can develop a perception of their own and start thinking of themselves as the leader of the family. Although this comes across as cute, dealing with this can be a challenge.

Regardless of how cute and playful they are, you expect a dog to respond to your commands rather than making it follow you. Forcing control over a dog in Colorado can be a challenge for all new owners, but by avoiding the mistakes mentioned in this blog post, you can ensure that your dog is well-trained and responsive to your demands.

Keep Active

A miniature Australian Shepherd is a dog that does not like lying around. It is a dog that likes to be outdoors, run around, and keep itself busy.

When we say ‘keep itself busy’, it means that the miniature Australian breed can find almost anything to keep itself occupied. You need to decide whether this “anything” it finds to chew on or roll over in is fine by you; that’s because it can chew over your favorite book thinking of it as a toy or bring down the expensive new curtains you just bought.

In short, don’t be lazy about taking the dog out to the park at least twice a day. Ensure that the dog gets the activity it needs.

Keep The Dog Busy

Another similar point to not taking the dog out for a walk in your local park is to not assigning the dog a job.

A job can be anything, like going out and fetching the newspaper or walking calmly with your kids to school. You can assign these kinds of activities to your dog.

Keeping the dog lazy all day and making it fight its instinct to go outdoors to have fun makes it volatile and aggressive.

Be Consistent

Sending mixed signals and being inconsistent in your training always has a negative effect on the Australian Shepherd. Rewarding the dog for an activity with a treat one day and not approving of the same act the very next day can send mixed signals to the dog.

Avoid sending confusing signals to the dog as it may lead to the dog losing motivation for conforming to your commands.

Finally, it is crucially important to understand that dogs are a reflection of your personality and a confused owner will always have a confused and untrained dog.

The aforementioned are some of the habits that you should stick to when adopting Colorado Aussie Puppies.

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  1. Website says:

    Of course, you can’t avoid all the mistakes! An important rule is to be prepared to do something wrong and then correct.

  2. Aca Baranton says:

    I wish you had attached a photograph of this dog. Never heard so much about native dogs of Australia except dingos.
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