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It’s been a while since I’ve really posted much aside from blog tour posts, I know – and I’m sorry about that.  I really hadn’t intended on taking a hiatus from blogging, and I was bummed that it happened, but it did.

A few weeks ago (I guess almost 4 weeks now?) we got into a car accident on the way home from Chili’s (at least the fajitas were good).  It was the first accident that I’ve ever been in, and it scared me beyond words.  Everyone in the car was okay (my husband was driving and we had the kids), but I did hurt my hand pretty bad when the airbag and GPS ended up hitting it.  For almost two weeks I couldn’t type or use my left hand, which really sucked – I fell behind on blogging, work, social media, and I couldn’t even hold a book and turn a page.  The accident wasn’t our fault, but it was also unavoidable, because someone decided that they had to slam on their brakes when they missed their exit, causing everyone else to slam on theirs, and we couldn’t stop in time.  Unfortunately, the car was totaled, and that was another thing to deal with – finding a new car.

I still prefer to stay close to home, and probably will for a long time.

Anyway, in the past four weeks, I’ve hardly done any reading at all.  Instead, I’ve been sleeping a lot and playing a game on my phone called Jigsaw Puzzle Bug, because it’s relaxing and helping to keep my anxiety at bay.  Plus, to top things off, my back has been hurting me so bad lately I can barely sit, sleep, stand, or do much of anything.  I need to go get an MRI to confirm what they suspect is wrong, but I haven’t gotten around to that yet, with everything else that’s been going on.  Plus I’ve had my medications for that problem adjusted a bit, and they make me really tired.

Either way, if I haven’t been around, I do apologize.  I know I’m always good at commenting on your blogs, and responding to comments here, and I know I haven’t done either of those things lately, and I thoroughly apologize for being absent.  I haven’t wanted to read or blog for a while – and I even missed my 2 Year Blogiversary celebration on June 1st, which I had some neat stuff and giveaways planned for.

I’m going to post a Blogiversary post a little later than planned, whenever I get around to it, complete with the giveaways I had planned on.  I honestly have to post some reviews from before the car accident (if I can even remember the books, that is), plus I just finished Bad Romance by Heather Demetrios and it was amazing.  I also FINALLY got around to reading Cinder, so be on the lookout for my review for that as well.  I’m currently reading When Dimple Met Rishi (see, told you I have a crazy amount of books to catch up on), and I’m enjoying it so far, so I’m hoping that these two books have really brought me out of my reading slump.

In the past week or so, all of my time has been taken up with work, and I haven’t even had time to blog except for the blog tour posts that I’ve written, so that’s why you’re seeing this post so late from me (sorry!).  So, if you’ve commented or posted anything on my blog that I haven’t responded to, I promise I will get back to you, and I will comment on your newer posts in the next few days, as well!

If you feel so inclined, drop me a comment and let me know what you’ve been up to!  What books have you been reading?  Anything interesting going on in your lives that you want to share?

Thanks for listening to me ramble =]

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4 Responses to Life Update: Yep, I’m Still Around!

  1. Danielle Hammelef says:

    Accidents are do scary especially with your kids in the car. I’m so happy you and your family are okay. I do hope your pain subsides soon. Reading? I finished a fun middle grade series Harriet Hamster by Ursula Vernon. Fun! Welcome back!

  2. I’m so sorry about your accident, but I’m glad you are all ok! You don’t think that airbags should hurt, but they do. Still better than the alternative, though. I hope you have a speedy recovery!
    Stephanie’s Book Reviews recently posted…Review: The Weight of Lies by Emily CarpenterMy Profile

  3. Raven says:

    OMG, I’m so sorry to hear that! I know Accidents are quite scary. I hope you get better soon and take lots of rest.
    Raven recently posted…Song of the Current (Song of the Current #1) By Sarah Tolcser [Review]My Profile

  4. Dianna says:

    So glad you’re mostly okay from the accident. It sounds like you have some pain and other complications from it, I hope that gets better for you soon. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on Cinder. My daughter made me read it, and I loved it! I just finished reading The Wildling Sisters tonight — it was excellent.
    Dianna recently posted…The Roanoke Girls by Amy Engel – book reviewMy Profile

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