There are so many weight loss methods, but most people quickly give up because they are too complicated or ask for a considerable amount of time and money. Going to the gym and working with a personal trainer is costly and takes a lot of time, and the same thing goes for preparing special meals. Intermittent fasting is built on a radically different philosophy, and that is the reason why it is so prevalent in the last couple of years.


Intermittent fasting 101

Intermittent fasting is all about when you eat, rather than what you eat! Typical intermittent fasting is 16:8, meaning that you have an eight-hour eating window, and then fast for 16 hours. The rules are simple. During your eating window, you can eat whatever you want but once fasting begins, you have to stay clean. During fasting, you are not allowed to eat even the healthiest food and consume anything but water or unsweated tea or coffee. The trick here is to give your body enough time not only to digest food but also to start burning fat. That process begins 16-18 after you’ve consumed food, and if you keep going, your body will get additional benefits, like repairing your cells or removing anything from your body that doesn’t have a purpose anymore. Even if you continue to eat the same amount of calories, it is still better for your body if you don’t have three meals and some snacks in between. Intermittent fasting claims that your body doesn’t like that at all.


How to start

Does this sound scary? It’s not, as you can start by doing 14:10, meaning that you will have a 10-hour eating window. That regiment will give you only slight benefits, but it will let you ease into intermittent fasting, as you can switch to 16:8. Everyone is different, though. We started strong with 20:4 or 21:3 and have no problem keeping things that way since day 1, but even 16:8 is excellent if you are happy to lose a few pounds every month. You can do it like and set up a 16:8 regime just in case, and modifying it. Apps like Simple will let you prolong your fasting so that your eating windows starts only when you choose so. After you had a Fortnite game while eating a snack and decide that you are full, you can also make short of your eating window and start fasting. At any moment, you can open the app and start fasting. Just tell Simple when did you eat the last time, and it will do the rest.


Intermittent fasting errors

While intermittent fasting sounds almost perfect, you still have to keep away from making mistakes. The first one is trying not to eat too much. If you stuff yourself because of your fear that you will be hungry long before the end of the fasting window, that won’t do you much good. The idea here is that because you have a shorter eating window, you will have enough time to have one or two meals. It would help if you ate like you usually do, as your organism will quickly adjust. That way, you will consume fewer calories than before intermittent fasting, and you won’t even notice.


The scale is both your friend and your enemy

Of course, checking your weight is the best way to see if you are making progress, but you should do it the right way. Stepping on it one day and seeing that you’ve lost a pound or two might get you excited like when you are playing slave games, but the next time you might get frustrated as you have gained a few. The thing is that our daily weight fluctuates a lot, so it’s much better if you measure yourself once a week. That will give you a much better picture if you are doing things the right way. Don’t ever be hard on yourself, as losing weight takes time. All quick-fix solutions are either dangerous to your body or will cause a yo-yo effect.


Try it!

Intermittent fasting is not only simple to follow and cheap, but it will also save you money! Once you start doing it, you will naturally eat less and use that money for something else, like Monster Hunter World game. If you follow the basics, you will do fine, and in a few weeks, you will already start getting in shape while enjoying additional benefits.

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