Being romantic may not come naturally to you, but luckily, it can be learned with a few pushes in the right direction.

Romanticism relies on imagination, deep thought and a great deal of care, yet regardless of what stage you are in your relationship, whether it be your very first couple of dates or years into your marriage, it’s never too late to try and ignite the flame.

If you’re an avid reader of romance novels and have gained a little inspiration to incorporate romance into your own relationship, follow the below tips on what you can do to impress the special person in your life.

  • Book a getaway

There’s nothing more romantic than surprising your other half with a few luxury holiday experiences for just the two of you. Quality time is essential in order to spark the romance in the relationship. It allows you to take a step back from the daily marathon of looking after the kids, holding down a job and running a household, so you can just focus on each other; even if it’s just a weekend away.

  • Be thoughtful with gifts

Don’t wait for special occasions to give the one you love gifts. Do it ‘just because,’ as this simple act shows your partner that you’re on their mind.

While gifting flowers and chocolates are traditionally deemed to be a ‘romantic’ gesture, aim to think outside of the box. If you really want to impress your other half, choose gifts that are tailored to their personality or you know they’ll love, rather than what is stereotypically expected.

  • Compliment your partner

There’s a great deal of importance in paying your other half compliments regularly and with sincerity, as it can dramatically improve their confidence and self-worth. Psychologists have also found that they can establish a positive environment and express respect and admiration, which of course, then goes on to re-ignite romance in your relationship. When giving compliments, make sure you smile, portray attractive body language and give eye contact.

  • Do small favors

While it might not seem like the romantic thing to do, helping your other half around the house or even carrying out small favors such as taking the dog for a walk or doing the grocery shopping every so often truly shows them that you’re considerate and have respect for your partner’s wellbeing.

  • Always tell them how you feel

If you really want to keep the romance alive in your relationship, saying those three little words on a regular basis is everything. No matter how stressed, tired, or angry you may be at the end of a long day at work, you shouldn’t overlook the importance of expressing how you feel about your partner.

Many couples also swear by the saying to ‘never go to sleep on an argument,’ and it seems that their verdict is true, as researchers have discovered that the angry thought from the day before is much harder to get rid of after a night’s sleep.

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