Incorporating workouts into your daily activities is essential, especially if you have a desk job. Luckily, there are many ways to get in shape, and one of the simplest is jogging. We will give you five good reasons to start running, which will hopefully motivate you to try it.


  1. Jogging is cheap

The only thing you need to buy is running shoes. While you might have shoes that you feel comfortable in, running puts much more stress on your feet. That doesn’t mean you have to buy the most expensive sneakers available. Their prices vary a lot, and since you are not trying to break any world records, the only thing you should care about is how comfortable they are. If they are lite and made of foam, you are probably good to go. And remember, you are buying them only for the jogging sessions. Do you need anything else? No, not really. Forget about special shorts or shirts – anything you have will be good enough. Once again, wear something that feels comfortable, as once again, jogging is not about breaking records. Tracking your progress is an excellent way to motivate yourself, but you don’t need to buy anything if you already have a decent smartphone. All you need is some of the fitness apps, as there are hundreds of them, and they are mostly free. We recommend Map My Fitness as it covers all the basics and rarely had a problem tracking our distance.


  1. Jogging is simple

Really,  it is! Many people assume that jogging is hard because you need to run as fast as possible while covering long distances. The truth is, not only that you don’t have to run fast, but it’s recommended to keep a slow pace! Like best free games, finding the right tempo will relax you as you will easily hold the rhythm while covering miles. The thing is, if your goal is to get in shape and lose weight, it’s better to run longer than to go hard. Running for an hour about five times a week is all you need, so find the pace that fits you. Of course, we suggest running in nature, which is much more fun than doing it in the gym. Jogging is great for your mind as it will clear it to make you perform your tasks better.


  1. The results are coming quickly

If you haven’t jog for a while or ever, take your time to adjust. You don’t need to push yourself hard in the first couple of weeks. What will surprise you is how much better you after only a few sessions. You will figure out that you can easily cover long distances and that you start to enjoy it! We promise, after a few weeks, 5K will be the most natural thing in the world, and even 10K. One of the essential things to remember is that you have only a single competitor – yourself. Don’t ever be bothered with other people that running faster than you and are covering longer distances. You will get there, but this is not a race!


  1. There are additional benefits

While you might start jogging because you want to lose some weight, in the process, you’ll do some other good things to your body. Your posture will become better, and your endurance level will get sky high, and better than ever before. Jogging benefits your general health, as all your organs will perform better that way, and you will feel better while working or enjoying online games.  That will also make you confident, and people will notice that. Everything will feel so much easier.


  1. Any time is a good time

You may hear that Hollywood stars like Jennifer Lopez get up early in the morning and do their jogging at 5 AM, but the thing is, there is no perfect time for jogging. Maybe you would instead do it during the evening after you finish all your obligations? That is perfectly fine, as you will feel the same benefits as someone who does it earlier in the day. Joggins is flexible, so whenever you have time after playing free games, it’s a good time to do it.


Ready, set, go!

Jogging is not a big deal – everyone can do it, and when you realize that, you will probably regret you haven’t made it a part of your life earlier.

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