Playing a musical instrument is fun, relaxing, and good for your cognitive health. Lots of people learn to play the guitar in their youth, but there is never a bad time to have a go at playing. Whether you have a passion for rock music and you want to amp up your skills on the electric guitar, or folk music on an acoustic guitar is more your thing, here’s how you can take your skills to the next level.

Have a Goal

What’s your goal? Do you want to improve your skills as a personal goal or are you hoping to get good enough to join a local band? Be clear about what you want, so you can put as much effort in as your goal requires.

Practice More

Practice makes perfect, right? The best way to improve is by practicing more. You don’t need to devote every waking hour to playing the guitar. For starters, your neighbours might get a bit grumpy about it if you do, but it’s important to practice regularly and consistently. Make a point of playing for a short time every day, or even every few days. Playing an instrument to the highest possible level requires a certain degree of devotion, and if you only practice once a month, you’re not likely to see much improvement.

Hire a Tutor

There’s only so far you can take your skills without a tutor’s help. Consider hiring a local tutor or an online tutor. Online lessons are just as good as in-person lessons these days, and it saves you from having to travel. You can find a guitar teacher online to coach you through music aptitude tests and theory grades. All you need is a laptop and Skype or Zoom.

Explore Different Styles

If you have only ever played in one style, why not explore a different style? For example, lots of students start by learning classical guitar, but genres like jazz fusion and blues can be a lot of fun. The more fun you have with your guitar, the more likely you are to put in the time needed to grow your skills.

Jam in a Band

Most things are more fun when you do them with friends. Jamming in a band is no exception. Look for a local group of musicians you gel with and join them for a few jamming sessions. Open mic nights at local bars and pubs are a good place to meet like-minded people who love music as much as you.

Utilise Technology

Have a play around with tech tools, like apps to help you tune your instrument or build your rhythmic skills. There are tons of apps out there for aspiring musicians, so give some of them a try.

Upload Your Music Online

While it can be nerve-racking to invite feedback on your music, it’s also helpful, especially when more experienced players offer you constructive advice. Upload some clips of you playing and see what people think. You might be better than you think!

Follow the tips above and you’ll soon be playing your best version of Stairway to Heaven.


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