It is easy when you look at your standard week to feel as though you don’t have any free time. This is frustrating. You are constantly moving from one obligation such as work, chores, looking after your family, organizing schedules and no longer providing yourself with the adequate amount of time to rest and step away from the hassle of work and life responsibilities. Feelings such as this, however, are very common in today’s manic society and you are not alone feeling this way.


But, is this cliche of not having enough time really true? In the whole week, you will have some time at your discretion to use as free time. It is more a case of how you are choosing to spend your time. When you take a step back and look, will you find yourself noticing that a lot of this free time is being taken up watching TV, scrolling through on your phone, surfing the internet or even doing unnecessary perpetual cleaning or sorting? Upon reflection you will have more time than you think, it is more a case of changing how this time is used to allow you to benefit from topping up your physical, mental and spiritual well being. Adjusting how your free time is being used will allow you to recharge and become more productive, more attentive and willing to continue pursuing your own personal interests.


Manage Your Time

Although it is now becoming a standard practice to plan and schedule appointments and jobs that need doing, we don’t do the same for our free time and can easily overlook the time we do actually have available.


A great technique that can be used to identify free time is to take a piece of paper and make columns with half-hour intervals of your day. From there you can block out what is needed for existing commitments, jobs and family time and from there easily see what discretionary time you actually have available. These remaining time slots are your free discretionary time and can be used in any way you see fit, whether that be reading, going for a walk or completing mentally stimulating puzzles and engaging your mind, click here for more puzzle ideas and recommendations.


Find Your Interests

With daily demands currently setting the routine and the day ahead, it can be easy to overlook or even not be aware of what individually we need in order to feel human and function at our best.


In order to begin to discover your interests, you need to list down activities you like and know you get enjoyment from. These can be anything go hiking, bird or train watching, taking a book and taking a trip or holiday, volunteering or anything else that makes you happy. This can be a tough task if your needs have not been met for a long time but go back in time as far as you need to. Once you have a list, rank them in order of how appealing they are to you now and commit to making a change to bring that into your life now.


Be Committed

You already know and are aware that you don’t perform to your best when you are burned out, but when you are investing time to recharge you are automatically going through survival mode. With a shift in your mental approach and viewing your free time as a necessary part of your existence and not just a luxury, you will find it easier to make this a regular change and commitment to give yourself that balance of work and leisure. The number of leisure activities will of course vary, for some, it may be daily and others not, however, the priority is to ensure it is regular. Until it becomes a priority in your life this change is unlikely to happen.


Make A Plan

Now that you know your free time schedule and what your interest will enrich your life it is not time to link them together and make a commitment to go ahead and schedule it into your week. You are now committed to making these changes and understand why it is so important, now you just need to make it happen. This is the hardest part.


Now you have identified when you have pockets of free time you need to go ahead and slot this quality free time into your diary. Treating it the same as you do any appointment, making it non-negotiable you will be giving yourself that time that you ultimately deserve and giving your life back the quality nourishment it needs.


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