When you have played dart-throwing for a long time but still can’t improve your accuracy, it is likely that you didn’t have the right darts stance.

In fact, how you stand when playing darts contributes significantly to reaching the precision as desired.

This post will give you a concise walkthrough on how to improve your darts stance for better accuracy.

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Where Should You Stand When Throwing Darts?

To throw an excellent dart, the first thing you must mind is to find the right place to stand. You should stand in a straight line with the center of the dartboard, it is highly recommended for beginners as it is much easier to aim.

The standard distance from the dartboard to the toe line (oche) is 2.36 meters (7 feet 9 ¼ inches) for steel-tipped darts. As for plastic-tipped darts, the distance is a little longer, at about 2.4 meters (7 feet 9 ⅜ inches). The maximum width of the toe line is 3 feet.

So, you may set up the board and the oche line as the official distance above. Next, find the middle stance. Then try to memorize it or use a pen to mark that spot so you can stand right next time.

Middle Stance


Improve Your Darts Stance For Better Accuracy: Your Body Position


You should forward the foot on the side of your throwing hand first. This foot is the main pillar of weight, thus, you must always keep this foot fixed to the ground when throwing.

It’d better be placed near the toe line, and align with your throwing hand.

The other foot is behind, shoulder-width apart. The back foot is in charge of maintaining your balance.

Naturally, players will slightly lift it so that your body stays calm. It’s okay to do so. However, the main weight carrier should always be the front foot.


You must stand upright and keep your legs straight. Sometimes, you may want to bend the knees to strengthen your throw. Unfortunately, this turns out to be the wrong action. Bear in mind, it is your arm that throws the dart, not your legs.

Therefore, bending the knees doesn’t help, instead, keeping your legs straight. This one helps to increase your stability, consistency, and balance – three key ingredients of a perfect throw.


It is recommended that your body remain steady, and calm during the throw. For the sake of minimizing the distance to the dartboard, you can lean forward a bit.


As mentioned above, you throw using mainly your arms, thus, it is vital that you know exactly how to place them.

Your throwing arm must be raised parallel to the ground, and the elbow joint contributes the main strength to your throw.

Try not to move your shoulder if you don’t want to lose your balance and fall off the floor. The other arm should be loose, yet controlled to maintain your balance.


We’ve given you the necessary information on how to improve your darts stance for better accuracy. It’s easy to follow, right?

The key is to find the stance which is comfortable, consistent, and balanced. Along with that, harder practice to maintain and to improve your skill.

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Thanks for reading!

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