Getting married is one of the most exciting times in life. You are on the precipice of a new journey as a couple, and this celebration is all about who you are together and the love that brought you there. An outdoor wedding has become a popular choice for so many reasons. Not only is nature a beautiful backdrop for your special day, but it is also a great way to create a casual atmosphere that delivers fun and authenticity in a more relaxed way. Here are some ways you can create the ultimate, unforgettable outdoor wedding.

Pick the Perfect Spot

Do you want shade or sunshine? Do you care if sand gets over your wedding outfit? Would you be able to handle a bit of mud? All of these are important questions. Where you host the wedding matters because it does have to be a place of your dreams, yes, but it also has to be practical. There must be enough room for you to do what you want with the space; for instance, you’ll want the ideal seating arrangement and enough capacity for a dance floor, or a bar to operate. Research some venues and make a list of five that you feel compelled towards. Book a visit, take some pictures and create a pro and con list so that you can make the most informed decision.

Don’t Forget About Shelter

Aside from the essential, non-negotiable seating areas, there should also be some type of shelter close by just in case the heavens open and rain pours down on you and your guests. It doesn’t need to be too fancy, but it should be practical and weatherproof. It should protect people from the rain and the wind, and even the cold if necessary. Observe whether there are any natural landmarks that would provide shelter or consider hiring some gazebo-style features instead.

It Will Get Dark: You Need a Plan for This

The one thing you don’t get with an outdoor wedding is vast amounts of electricity. Therefore, the option of simply switching on a lamp when the sun goes down is not really going to work here. You have to make provisions for lighting so that when the natural light depletes, no one is plunged into darkness. This would definitely dampen the potential for fun and even create hazards too. String some solar lights around and consider something like a fire pit or three to really create a romantic, wedding ambience.

Keep Your Guests Updated

Though there are plenty of rules about wedding attire etiquette, if you opt for an outside venue, it’s only fair that you forfeit some of the more traditional rules and requirements. Your guests deserve to be comfortable, after all, so let them know where they are going to be and what the terrain could be like so that they are as prepared as they need to be. A guest that feels relaxed is more likely to have a great day right alongside you, after all. Try setting up a wedding website with all the information plus links to the venue so everyone has access and can plan accordingly.

Make the Entertainment Fun, Varied, and Inclusive

There are hundreds of ways to entertain your friends and family at an outdoor wedding. You could go down the firework display route, though not all venues allow for that. There are traditional outdoor game options too like a stained cornhole board that you could set up and even bring into a little friendly competition. The point is, things like this are important because they keep the day flowing and make sure that guests have things to do while you are circling and getting time with your new spouse.

Get Creative with the Wedding Breakfast

Hiring a marquee and putting on a traditional three course wedding breakfast is still a great option for outdoor weddings. However, this is a great way to rack up expenses quickly. For something more in line with the theme, and an authentic option for nature nuptials, why not hire a food truck or go for a picnic theme instead? There are so many genres of food that are available in a mobile format, and you can even find things like ice cream carts and sweet trolleys that will come and set up at your event for a cost too. Guests will love it, and so will you.

Outdoor weddings are amazing events, and a memory that you will keep close forever. Not only will there be amazing pictures, but it will be so easy to return on special anniversaries in years to come too so the magic can live on for as long as you want it to.

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