For most brides, it is all about the dress. However, the accessories that you choose to wear are just as important, ultimately helping to enhance and embellish your chosen gown. The question is, how do you go above and beyond while maintaining class and sophistication when accessorizing on your wedding day? Here are some helpful guidelines to follow in order to get it right.

Start with the shoes

Your wedding shoes add the finishing touch to your dress. While those sparkling white stilettos can be tempting, it is essential that you also prioritize comfort and ensure that you find a great pair that are able to provide the right amount of support and stability. The last thing that you want is to have to wobble your way down the aisle, or worry about falling over when you should be having a good time.

Choose one statement jewelry piece

You definitely don’t want to go overboard with your accessories. The secret is to embellish without overwhelming. This is why many brides opt to accessorize by selecting one statement jewelry piece and keeping the rest of their look plain and simple. The earrings that you decide to wear can make for a great head-turning aesthetic. Earrings with brightly colored stones can provide that pop of color necessary to help the white of your dress look even more beautiful. Wonderful examples of the perfect earrings for your wedding day include the wide collection of Annoushka earrings. They are all classically stunning, yet full of personality.

Hype up the hair

Whether or not you have chosen to wear a veil, there are so many ways in which to add beautiful accessories to your hair on your special day. No need to stick to bobby pins and subtle, white hair accessories. Modern brides of today are playing around with all sorts of sparkling accents, such as glittering hair clasps, crystals, and pearls. Don’t be afraid to get creative, especially if you are wearing an up-do.

Don’t neglect the neckline

Yes, the neckline of your dress can work as an accessory too, so be very careful about the cut that you choose. Even if you don’t opt for anything fancy, the neckline can play a large role in determining which type of jewelry looks best. For example, necklaces don’t suit a strapless gown or a sweetheart neckline. In these instances, a pair of delicate earrings look so much better. V-neck dresses, on the other hand, demand a bit of decoration on the décolletage, such as a small pendant necklace or a white gold locket.

Choose meaningful accessories

Anything that you accessorize with should speak to you on a personal level. This is your big day, after all. What is most important is that you look and feel your very best. Try not to pay too much attention to wedding accessory trends or bridal magazines, and rather follow your own style intuition.

Ultimately, by staying true to your own personal style and taking your time to shop for beautiful pieces that you adore, you are sure to accessorize like a pro.

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