The relaxing atmosphere and serenity of a garden can relieve stress and calm your tensed nerves. A meditative garden doesn’t have to be complex, but simple and well organized. The right choice of plants and accessories can add tranquility to your outdoor space and make it appear more attractive.

A relaxing garden also has what it takes to stimulate your sensory perceptions such as hearing, sight and smell. What’s more, you don’t need a big garden to create a relaxing outdoor environment. You don’t even have to buy anything new, just use what you have to find comfort and solace in a serene garden. Here’s how to build a relaxing garden:


Top 4 Tips to Creating a Tranquil Garden


  1. Choose Suitable Plants

Plants make a garden. And, with the right plants, you can build a relaxing garden. Opt for flowers with subdued and subtle colors and place them around the area you’ll use for seating. The rest of your garden would look good with flowers in bold colors. They would grab the attention of your guests the moment they walk into your garden.

Consider ornamental trees, ferns and shrubs to create a garden with a lot of serenity and tranquility. Many garden centers offer all kinds of plants you’ll want to look at. Make sure you find a center that offers a lifetime guarantee on their shrubs and hardy pants. If you’re aren’t sure about the right plants to pick, you can consult with the centers or do a quick local search online.


  1. Add Plants with Sweet Therapeutic Scents

Add gardenia, lavender and clematis plants in your garden. Place them all over your garden and around your seating area for their aromatic and calming scents. The sweet scents will attract butterflies and bees to your garden, further adding to the natural touch you want in your outdoor space.

They’ll also make your garden look and feel peaceful, atop supporting propagation of other plants in your garden. Keep a good distance between any two fragrance plants to ensure they do not overpower each other and your garden with a mix of heavy scents.


  1. Find the Right Sounds

The sounds in your garden are just as important as the sounds in creating a totally relaxing atmosphere. Bamboo rustles, wind chimes and ornamental grasses should be as close to your seating area as possible to create a different world in your garden. That would ensure that whenever you get into your garden, you don’t just enjoy a sense of peaceful enclosure, but drown in a completely different world.

Pond fountains like those on can also help you add relaxing sounds in your garden. Choose the right fountain for your garden.


  1. Add Comfort

Comfort is an important aspect of tranquil gardens. Invest in comfortable chairs, designed for durability and style. Make sure the garden furniture outdoor storage shed is designed for outdoor use and thus are all-weather. Add soft throw pillows and cushions to accessorize your outdoor furniture and make relaxing in your garden not just relaxing, but also comfortable.

Before you start doing anything on your garden, develop a plan to ensure that your project runs smoothly. It’ll also ensure that you end up with the exact garden you want.

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  1. Anna says:

    A great post! I love lavendar and other natural scents 🙂

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