Developing your cooking skills has a number of great benefits – it allows you to lead a healthier lifestyle, prepare delicious homemade meals for you and your family, and get enjoyment out of food.

Fortunately, there are many ways to enhance your culinary skills and knowledge – here are some useful tips on how to become a better cook.

Learn basic cooking methods

Once you learn basic cooking techniques – such as how to roast, stir fry and sauté – you will be able to cook a wide variety of nutritious meals with minimal effort. These cooking methods are surprisingly easy and can be learnt and mastered fairly quickly. For instance, roasting is as simple as placing ingredients on an oiled shelf and putting in the oven on a medium heat for 30-40 minutes. Whereas, stir frying requires heating ingredients in an oiled pan and applying constant motion to prevent them from burning or sticking.

You can easily learn basic cooking techniques by attending cooking classes or looking for tutorials online. There is also plenty of useful advice and tips on cooking blogs.

Use quality ingredients

One of the best parts of cooking, is the opportunity to experiment with ingredients and create exciting and flavorsome recipe combinations. Using fresh, quality ingredients can really make a difference to the taste and nutritional value of the meals you prepare. For instance, organic extra virgin olive oil cold pressed will add a burst of flavor to your salad dressings and marinades used on vegetables and meats.

You should try and seek locally sourced, organic ingredients from your local farmers market. These ingredients are typically far tastier and healthier for you and your family. Plus, purchasing local food and will help minimize environmental harm by reducing the carbon footprint of food transportation.

Purchase cooking tools

There is a massive variety of tools on the market designed to make cooking more effective – from garlic crushers all the way to high-tech kitchen gadgets like precision egg poachers and electric corkscrews.

Every kitchen should be stocked with basic, essential cooking tools like quality knives, chopping boards, mixing bowl and a vegetable peeler. If you’re planning on cooking regularly, then it may be a good idea to invest in some additional kitchen gadgets like a food processor and a slow cooker. These gadgets will make cooking easier and save you both time and money in the long run.

Make cooking fun!

One of the most effective ways to become a better cook is by making cooking fun! Make preparing food something you enjoy, rather than just a mundane daily task. Get your whole family involved with preparing and cooking evening meals, listen to music, and have fun experimenting with different ingredients and recipes.

Themed dinners can be a fantastic way to make midweek meals more exciting. Mexican fajitas, Indian curries and Italian pizzas can all be prepared fairly quickly and provide tasty meals for the whole family. At the weekend, organize a dinner party with your friends and family to show off your new culinary skills!

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