Over the past year and half, many of us have grown increasingly concerned about our children’s education. Of course, our little ones will always require a little help and encouragement with their education at home. But with the coronavirus and Covid-19 pandemic having spread rife across the world, many of our little ones have experienced a hug​e gap in their education, having been out of school for months. Many of us are worried about how much they may have missed out on and fell behind. Of course, all children are currently in the same boat, so they won’t be in a worse situation than anyone else in their class. But at the same time, you may want to do what you can to educate them at home to improve their knowledge and skillsets. Here are a few simple steps you can take to achieve this!


Look Up Your Child’s Curriculum

The first step you can take to help your child is to look up their curriculum. You can generally find this information out from their teacher or their school’s receptionist. This will give you insight into what your child will be learning on a day to day basis and can help you to check that they understand each subject and skill they are meant to have learnt in school. Curriculums vary from one school to another, so this can give you guidance into exactly what your child will be tested on and can guide your help and assistance.


Use Online Resources 

There are countless high quality and completely free educational resources available online nowadays that you can make use of to provide at-home education for your child. There are games that are fun, but will simultaneously challenge them with logic and numbers. There are documentaries aimed at children that will teach them about anything from history to science, maths and more. There are also apps and other forms of software that can help with things like language learning if you want your little one to learn a second language.


Use Physical Resources

There are also many physical resources you can invest in for your little one. Take a look at Studentreasures Publishing for a variety to choose from. Worksheets, books and more will help your child learn and practice a wide number of skills.


Set Your Own Tests

Setting tests is a simple way to get children to practice repetitive skills that will improve with practice. By setting your child basic spelling and maths tests, you can help with things like learning new words and their times tables, addition and subtraction.


Educational Days Out

There are plenty of educational days out that you can take your children on – some of them even free! You could go on a nature walk to learn more about different trees, leaves, plants and animals. You could go to a local museum to learn more about history. You could go to an art gallery. The list goes on!


These simple suggestions can all make a huge difference to your children’s education, so why not give a f

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