It’s that time of year again when the kids are growing more and more excited with each passing day at the thought of the Christmas holidays. Parents. on the other hand, may be looking at the upcoming break with a whole other set of feelings, much of which revolving around the question of how to keep them busy and entertained during the holidays.

Once the kids have been home for more than a couple of days, they start to get a little stir-crazy if you don’t have activities for them to take part in. Boredom is never good as it’s going to lead to arguments and some rather unhappy kids. So, to ensure that the Christmas holidays are enjoyable for all, here are five ways you can keep them entertained.

Make Sure They Keep Up with Their Studies

While the last thing your kids are going to want to think about during the holidays is school, you don’t want their studies to suffer. So, rather than telling them they need to study and do school work, look for ways that you can turn learning into a fun activity. This blog from Fun Learning discusses effective and fun methods to teach your children. This will keep their minds and skills sharp, keep them busy, and keep everyone happy.

Be Armed with Board Games and Puzzles

You can also keep your eyes open for interesting looking board games and puzzles in the weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays, scooping up anything you think would appeal to your kids. Rather than give them everything at once, you can give them a new item every day or every other day. This will keep the games fresh and exciting.

Get Outdoors and Burn Off that Energy

It’s also a good idea to include daily outdoor time, even if that just means taking a little walk together. The fresh air is great for them, and if you’ve got a place they can play and be active, they can burn off that excess energy. A walk to the local park, playing in the garden, or even getting together outdoors with some friends are all great ideas.

Binge on Christmas Movies and Specials

This is the one time of year when binging on all the festive films and TV specials is acceptable and even expected! Whether on live TV, a streaming service, or your own copy of a movie, this will help get the kids in the spirit and keep them occupied.

Arts and Crafts Equal Creative Fun

Of course, there are also arts and crafts, a favourite activity for kids of all ages. You can stock up on supplies before the break and even create a craft bin or container so they can rummage through and find a variety of items. Again, you’ll want to use this on a rotating basis, bringing it out once a day or once every few days. It’s all about keeping things fresh and exciting.

Coloring sheets are also a great choice, and can be colored in with your choice of coloring medium, such as crayon or marker.

So, while you may be starting to worry about how you will possibly keep the kids entertained during the Christmas holidays this year, these activities can be the answer you’re looking for.



Engaging At-Home Activities for Kids from ClickInks
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  1. Mark Coster says:

    I absolutely agree with everything mentioned here, especially the use of board games and puzzles. That’s a great way to keep them off from gadgets!
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