The game of golf has evolved drastically over the last few years, and innovations in the game are happening all the time. Keeping some of the new and innovative pieces of equipment in your golf bag can mean an improvement to your game, or just more fun out on the golf course. Let’s have a look at a few of the top picks for essential items you should keep in your golf bag.

For Your Body

Let’s start with the more obvious. You’ll want to include some basic things to keep you more comfortable while you’re out on the course. That means a good quality sunscreen and hat to keep you sunburn free. You’ll probably want to include some bug spray too, since some golf courses might be situated in remote locations. Bug spray is essential if you’re teeing off early or might find yourself on the course in the early evening. Throw a few band-aids into your bag too in case you find yourself off the fairway and happen to cut yourself getting your ball back into play.

For Your Game

Challenging courses like the golf course in the Mornington Peninsula, Australia, The Dunes, might require you to be at the top of your game, and that’s when you’ll want to give yourself the competitive advantage with some extra equipment. But what should you include in your arsenal?

A divot tool is an essential addition to your bag, not only for repairing divots, but because you can use the ball marker if you need to remove your ball from the green. They’re a good way to add some personality to your game.  If you want to up the tech at your disposal, a range finder is a great way to do this and improve your game by giving you accurate yardages.

If you’re playing with others, you’ll want to mark your ball too, so the humble permanent marker can come in handy. Embrace your artistic flair and make a unique mark on your game ball so you can always identify your ball, which will of course be the one that’s hit furthest off the tee or closest to the pin.

For Your Comfort

Of course, you’ll want a good golf umbrella for those unpredictable rain spells. A good rain jacket might also be a good idea if rain is a possibility. Probably the most multifunctional of all things you’ll put in your golf bag is a towel – you can use it for both your clubs and your sweaty forehead if the weather is hot. If you’re serious about clean clubs though, you’ll want a small wire brush too. Throwing a few paracetamols into your bag won’t be the worst idea either; you don’t want to walk around the course all day with a headache.

There is no shortage of extra equipment you can add to your golf bag to contribute to your day on the golf course being more fun and more successful. Don’t just pack your clubs and hit the course, consider some of the recommendations in this list too!

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