Your automobile is one of your most valuable possessions. Not only will it be one of the most expensive things you will ever pay for, except for a house if you buy one, you will also rely on it to get to work or keep your family moving.

It can be tempting to look at buying a new car to make sure you have the latest technology and that it is reliable, but with some careful maintenance, any car can keep running efficiently for decades, and the latest technology can be retrofitted with ease. Here are some ways you can spend a little money on the car you have, instead of a lot of money on a new car, and make sure your car stays reliable and has the technology consumers demand today.

Upgrade Your In-Car Entertainment

Some of the latest automobiles have large touchscreens, sometimes as big as a television, and people have gotten used to having a touchscreen at their fingertips, from smartphones to tablets. There are now touchscreen in-car entertainment systems available to be installed into any car’s center console, giving your car the modern conveniences and connectivity that new car drivers take for granted.

Regular Oil Checks and Maintenance

Monitoring your oil level and temperature is very important for your car’s health. Oil is like your car’s blood, and it needs to be clean and at the right temperature to operate effectively. Keep an eye on your oil temperature gauge, especially on long drives, and think about scheduling an oil change with your mechanic.

Protect Your Paint

The paint on your car is the top layer of your car’s body, and small damage like nicks and scrapes can give rust the opportunity to fester beneath the paint. If you ever see bubbling underneath paintwork, often at the edges on panels, this is a sign of rust affecting the bodywork underneath. There are protective, clear coatings that can be applied to protect your paintwork from scratches and nicks that give rust the opportunity it needs to damage your car.

Find Your Favorite Gadgets

There are plenty of gadgets for cars today, some you may not even be able to imagine. From coffee makers to refrigerators, and LED lighting systems and media players, some of the best car gadgets available can be an inexpensive way to make your car feel more unique.


Flames from your wheel arches? Eagle on the hood? Artistic, decorative decals are becoming more popular with drivers to make their car look one of a kind. It is possible to get just about any picture or design printed onto adhesive plastic and stuck to your car. They are easy to remove later if you are selling your car, or want to try a new design.

New cars are incredibly expensive, and even buying a used car can cost a lot of money for what you get. Upgrade the car you have, and make it feel like new.

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