How to design Your Dorm Room

Even in modern realities, the question of the comfort in an apartment remains very important. Many of us are aware of a way of life in hostels and dormitories. In dormitories, not only students, but whole families can live. Living in a hostel does not mean that the issue of decorating is senseless and careless process. The main feature of design such a room is the need to merge all functional areas in one space. But if you have cute dorm room ideas, the right arrangement and selection of furniture, this task is quite easy even without any bedroom designer.


In dormitories, the process of zoning directly depends on how many people live there and for how long they will stay there. Often, 2- 3 people share one room. Furthermore, many students tend not to change roommates during the entire period of study, which lasts for 4 or 5 years. Taking into account the wishes and tastes of all its inhabitants, you may proceed to form the location and distribution of areas in a room. Even in the smallest room, there has to be a place for sleeping and working. If the room has a kitchen, then it should also be allocated to a separate functional area. That would be perfect if each of you had a separate sleeping spot and a workplace. If the place is too small, then alternatively use college dorm room bed, double beds or mezzanine beds.


In the case of family dormitories, it is not just necessary to create a cozy living environment with dorm room stuff, but also to create space for a comfortable stay for the whole family. These rooms are often very small, so you have to use every inch of space. In such a room, there must necessarily be a sleeping area and a living area. If space is not enough, they can be combined. For example, you can use a special sofa-transformer in the living room.

The most challenging task is to design a room for a family with a kid. In this way, a baby would require a separate sleeping place and a playing area, while adults call for separate working and sleeping space. In this case, the most convenient option is to use two-tier structures, where a baby would have an upper tier, while below there would be a wardrobe and a compact working place. In the stairs, they often install retractable cabinets for storing toys or clothes. For zoning in a dormitory, you cannot use massive partitions or plasterboard structures – they take up too much space. You can use different colors of dorm wall decor or flooring for the selection of zones. For example, in the children’s zone, you can paste more vivid wallpaper, while in the living room area it is better to use pastel colors. For a partition, use a cabinet. So, you get both a partition and a place to store things. It is appropriate in a similar space and will be the separation of the floor covering. To do this, you can apply carpets or combine in different coverage areas with different textures.


Ideas for interior

The interior of a small room in the dormitory should be maximally functional. In this case, you can use any of the modern styles, like minimalism, hi-tech or urban. The country style will also be relevant. Minimalism implies the use of light cold shades in the interior. White, gray and black colors are appropriate here. Naturally, they add a few more vivid shades. This direction does not accept excessive pomposity. In a minimalistic interior, it is required to use furniture of simple geometric shapes, the furnishing facades and equipment should also be as simple and smooth as possible.

Any modern materials, including glass, metal, plastic, mirrors and other reflective surfaces can be used in such a design. Unlike minimalism, the country style is much cozier. Country style features simple wooden furniture, light curtains, quilts and abundance of textiles. This style allows you to create a miniature of a country house in the room. In such an interior, you can use furniture of classical shapes, however, it should not be cynical. In the country, too, excessive decorativeness is not welcomed.

Color Solution themes

The right color choice is crucial for a dorm room. In this case, you do not just need to create a bright interior, but also visually expand the space of the room. To do this, it is desirable to abandon the use of dark colors in the interior – they visually reduce the area of the room. The best option is to use light pastel colors. The color of the floor can be darker. However, it should not contrast with the shade of the walls.

The ceiling should be as light as possible. In a small room, it is obvious to use bright wallpaper or large ornament, as it visually litters the place. It is wiser to give preference to a one-color painting or wallpaper with a small pattern. A half-empty bright room will look lifeless, so it will be necessary to add a few bright accents, but here you need to know the measure.


It is better to use compact multi-functional furniture to furnish the place. It is not excluded that you have to unite the sleeping, living and dining zones in the same room. Forget about the overall furniture. In a small room, it is completely dysfunctional. In a confined space, use medium-sized furniture. It is also not recommended to use too pretentious carved models. In a small place, a sofa or chairs with carved inserts and a curved back will look out of place. Instead, buy furniture with a sleeker laconic facade. If it is possible, opt for getting built-in or hanging equipment, so it would be better to place the TV on the swing arm, and the microwave oven on the shelf. In this case, you can use a special folding sofa as a bed. Such models are often equipped with a drawer for storing laundry and other things.

A good solution is to use cabinets-columns, corner shelves, corner tables and a closet. It is easy to allocate space along one of the walls. The doors of the cabinet can be in the tone of the walls, so it will seem inconspicuous. As an alternative, you can make a mirror door. They will add space to the room. Try to get rid of all unnecessary items if possible. If you need a separate working place, then it can be formed inside one of the cabinet sections. Alternatively, if you are too busy with your assignments, you can refer to сheck this site if want to find an expert, so that you could put furnishing issues first. How can anyone work hard if there is no appropriate studying area? There you can make a folding table top and install inside the cabinet several LEDs for lighting. If there is a necessity, one can remove back a workplace into the cabinet. To store things in the room, you can hang several shelves, open lockers or rails.

The items you use too often you should place on the shelves. All other things are best stored in cabinets or recesses; otherwise, the place will look like a warehouse.

Lighting ideas

Lighting plays an important role in the visual perception of the dorm room. The more light is in the room, the nicer and more comfortable it will be in it.

The room would look much comfortable, if there would be enough both artificial and natural lighting. Hence, it is not recommended to put thick multilayer curtains or lambrequins on the windows. You can hang a small chandelier for general lighting in the room, but the large hanging chandelier will not be the best option. Alternatively, you can use a medium-sized lamp. The workplace and the nursery area also require additional lighting. For these purposes, you can put table lamps, floor lamps, or ceiling soffits. It is better to give preference to concise lamps in a modern style. Alternatively, along with the working and children’s area, you can install an LED strip. If you would like, it can be installed in the form of a ceiling cornice around the place.

Cheap dorm decor

The subtleties of decorating any room directly depend on what kind of interior style is used in the room. In the case of limited space, any decorative elements should be applied moderately.  Two or three unusual accessories will be enough.

To make your place more diverse and lively, you can apply the following elements:

Decorative wall stickers

This is a fairly simple way to diversify the interior. In this case, it is better to give preference to neutral or abstract images.


Such elements will visually expand the space of the room. Plus, you can choose a variant in an unusual frame or paint it in a shade you like;

Decorative pillows

They can be used even in the most discreet interior. They can be both muted and brighter shades. Also, large soft cushions can serve as additional seats if necessary.

The curtains. In addition to practical benefits, they will help diversify the interior decoration of the place. In this case, it is better to refrain from heavy curtains and give preference to light translucent curtains of light tones. You can also take more bright curtains with a small color pattern.


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  1. Hello Kelly, it is very difficult to decide what type of interior we have to choose for rooms. Thanks for sharing the ultimate and amazing interior ideas, this will help me to decide how to choose the best type of furniture, lights, wall stickers and many more. Looking forward for your next blog.

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  5. Jessica says:

    A very helpful post, Kelly. I remember the struggles I had when I had to live with someone in a dorm with totally different tastes and everything. We have to compromise some things since it is a shared room. Anyway, I love a bed that functions as a storage too. And yes, a mirror definitely makes a room look bigger. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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