Cancer Prevention: 5 Ways to Reduce the Risk

There were 17 million new cases of cancer worldwide last year and research undertaken by the charity Cancer Research has estimated that there will be 27.5 million new incidences of cancer each year by the year 2040. These worrying statistics may have you wondering about your own health and the different ways that you can stay in control by making better lifestyle choices to protect your wellbeing.

Often you will hear conflicting information on how to reduce your risk of getting cancer, and sometimes research findings can contradict each other. But it is generally accepted that living a healthier life can reduce your risk. If you are wondering how you can improve your daily lifestyle choices and improve your overall health, then here are five ways to reduce the risk of cancer and the different ways that you work towards cancer prevention.

Don’t Smoke Tobacco

Around the world, 33 percent of cancer cases are linked to tobacco smoke, so if you are currently a smoker then you should seriously consider quitting. By using any form of tobacco, you are exposing yourself to greater risk, as well as those around you, as second-hand smoking can also increase the risk of cancer. Smoking can cause different forms of cancer, for example, lung, mouth, throat, and pancreas.

Do Your Research

You should be sure to do your research about the different substances and environments that can increase your risk of getting cancer. For example, there have been some reports of industrial workplace environments giving employees cancer due to their exposure to different substances.

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Have a Healthy Diet

Maintaining a healthy diet can help reduce your risk of many health issues, cancer being one of them. You should ensure that you are eating plenty of fruit and vegetables with every meal and avoid high-calorie foods wherever possible. Being overweight has been linked to an increase in the risk of getting cancer, so you should try and maintain a healthy weight as much as you can.

Protect Yourself from the Sun

Most people don’t realize the damage that the sun can do to our skin, which makes skin cancer one of the most common forms of cancer. You should always protect yourself with SPF (at least factor 30) and avoid being in the sunlight for long periods of time.

Get Regular Medical Attention

You should be regularly seen by your doctor and make sure you attend an appointment if you are worried about a lump or mark on your body. Cancer treatment is a lot more effective the earlier the condition is discovered.

Cancer is a condition that many people worry about, but by doing your research and looking after yourself you can actively stay in control of your health and improve your chances of remaining cancer free.

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