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To Right the Wrongs

Author: Sheryl Scarborough

Series: Erin Blake, #2

Publication Date: February 27th, 2018

Publisher: Tor Teen

Synopsis: Barely three weeks after catching the killer of Erin’s mother and their biology teacher, Erin and her crew are back, up to their elbows in forensics projects. But this time it’s with the full approval of their parents.

With Uncle Victor at the helm, Erin and her best friends, Spam and Lysa, are prepping a new classroom for CSI summer camp, where they will serve as camp counselors. Meanwhile, Erin’s super-hot new boyfriend, Journey, is graduating, just in time for him to take a position as Victor’s intern in the new CSI lab on campus. Journey and Victor are going to take another look at the evidence in the murder trial that sent Journey’s father to prison. The girls are under strict orders not to meddle with the murder case, but that’s easier said than done…

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“Scarborough has written an intense, engrossing debut. Readers will root for Erin to find answers, laugh at her friends’ antics as they play detective, and struggle to identify the killer in a plot full of red herrings and multiple suspects. This solid mystery will easily grab the attention of fans of the genre.” ―Booklist

To Catch a Killer is a tense, storming heartbeat of a thriller. Scarborough’s tightly woven story merges forensic intrigue with friendship, romance, and family, nailing the dynamic stylings of Veronica Mars and the playful spirit of Bones. I could not put it down.” ―Cori McCarthy, author of Breaking Sky

The fast-paced plot and Veronica Mars-esque protagonist make this book a good fit for avid mystery readers.” ―School Library Journal

“A relatable cast and well thought-out plot make this mystery a Sherlockian puzzle sure to impress the most hardened crime-procedural fanatic. Don your deer-stalker caps, gumshoes, you’re in for a twisty ride.” ―Mary Elizabeth Summer, author of Trust Me, I’m Lying

“Scarborough brings Erin to life as a teenager with a damaged past…there are enough red herrings and forensic activity to keep everyone entertained all the way through the climatic end.” ―VOYA

“A compulsive read. Scarborough has created a thrilling book brimming with life, murder, and adventure.” —Carrie Jones, New York Times bestselling author of Flying

Normal is an illusion. What is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.


Care to guess where you wind up after you and your friends help police catch a killer? It isn’t Disneyland.

To my great relief, it isn’t the Today show, either. They called to extend an invitation, but my guardian, protector, and de facto mom Rachel was solidly against it. She didn’t want to have to relive the worst day of her life on TV any more than I did. Thankfully, our fame was distilled down to two and a half minutes on the local news, and a front-page article in the paper.

The important thing is we caught the man who killed my mother and my biology teacher. I stood up to him after a lifetime of looking over my shoulder and being afraid. And, I remembered something, too. A small sliver from that horrible night fourteen years ago.

Now, supposedly, I can go on with my life and just be normal.

How exactly does that happen?

Do I flip a switch, turn a dial?

Copyright © 2018 by Sheryl Scarborough

I read the first book in this series, To Catch a Killer, back when it first came out last year, and I thought that it was a really good mystery/thriller.  I love thrillers and think that they can be a lot of fun, and that book was great, so I was super excited to continue the series (that I didn’t even know was going to be a series, so it was a great surprise when I heard about book two).

To Right the Wrongs picks up after the first book comes to a close – in fact, only three weeks have passed since the last book where Erin catches the killer of her biological mother, after a huge amount of detective work to figure out who had done it.

This time, Erin and her friends (yay for best friends in books, because again loving how they’re so close) are back and while they are still doing their forensics projects like the last book, but this time, their parents know what they’re doing and they don’t have a problem with it.

In To Right the Wrongs, the friends are planning on setting up a CSI summer camp where they are going to be serving as the counselors for the camp.  However, while they aren’t supposed to be getting involved in a murder case, they find themselves drawn back into it anyway.

I really enjoyed this book – especially the fact that the characters are the same and they are as awesome as ever.  If you love mysteries that have great friendships in the book, this and the book before it are amazing choices, because the friendships are believable and fun.

The mystery aspect in this book is as gripping as the last one, and it’s a lot of fun to try and figure out.  In To Catch a Killer I spent a great deal of time trying to figure out who the murderer was, and I was also able to ask questions and hope to figure things out in this one, too.  It was a real thrill ride from the beginning to the end.

Definitely check out this book and the one before it first, because they are both amazing reads.  I think I loved this one even more than the one before it!

Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review – Thank you!

SHERYL SCARBOROUGH is an award-winning writer for children’s television. She holds an MFA in Writing for Children and Young Adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts, lives in Washington state, and has always had an obsession with forensics. When she was twelve, her home was the target of a Peeping Tom. Sheryl diligently photographed his footprints and collected the candy wrappers he left behind. Unfortunately, he was never caught. But the desire to use evidence to solve a great mystery was sparked inside Scarborough all the same. To Catch a Killer is her debut.

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