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The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash

Author: Candace Ganger

Publication Date: July 25th, 2017

Publisher: St. Martin’s Griffin

Synopsis: Candace Ganger captures all the bumps in the road and simmering chemistry of those early days of first love in her young adult debut novel THE INEVITABLE COLLISION OF BIRDIE & BASH.  Ganger, a contributing writer for HelloGiggles, starts her writing career in her full of feels young adult novel set around a skating rink with two characters you can’t help but root for. She explores this tender time during occasions of family tragedy, and whether young love can pull apart or become an anchor in the face of impossible circumstances.

Sebastian Alvaréz is just trying to hold the pieces together: to not flunk out, to keep his sort-of-best friend Wild Kyle from doing something really bad, and to see his beloved Ma through chemo. But when he meets Birdie Paxton, a near-Valedictorian who doesn’t realize she’s smoking hot in her science pun T-shirt, at a party, an undeniable attraction sparks. And suddenly he’s not worried about anything. But before they are able to exchange numbers, they are pulled apart. A horrifying tragedy soon links Birdie and Bash together—but neither knows it. When they finally reconnect, and are starting to fall—hard—the events of the tragedy unfold, changing both their lives in ways they can never undo.

Loosely based on real life tragic circumstances, Ganger says, “I’d been wrestling with a family tragedy for years, wondering how I could write about this unfathomable event in a way that might help my family heal but nothing ever really felt right”.  When Birdie and Bash came alive on the page that Ganger says “this was my way of re-writing their history with a little bit of hope”. Told in alternating perspectives, THE INEVITABLE COLLISION OF BIRDIE & BASH is a beautiful, complex, and ultimately hopeful teen novel that will move you to the very last page.

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*Named “One of 2017’s biggest debuts… Obsession-worthy” by Bustle*


“Ganger alternates between Bash’s and Birdie’s perspectives, and readers will be anxious for Birdie to realize Bash’s true identity, and for Bash to come forward to someone―anyone―with the truth. Bash’s friendship with the troubled Kyle, who does nothing but treat him poorly, is puzzling, fascinating, and yet painfully true to life. Hand to fans of Jennifer Niven’s All the Bright Places (2015).”


“Smart, raw, often biting in its reflections of the haves and have-nots, this debut will appeal to fans of John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines…You’ll find yourself not only wanting to (re)study chemistry but learning what you get in life isn’t always what you deserve—sometimes it’s more. [A] must-have for every shelf.”

—Patty Blount, award-winning author of Some Boys

“A stunning and brilliantly crafted debut that peels back layers to the raw and the real. Birdie + Bash = 2 characters impossible not to fall in love with.”

—K.M. Walton, author of Empty and Cracked

“THE INEVITABLE COLLISION OF BIRDIE & BASH is part love story, part page-turner, and part intricate character study. Ganger writes her characters with great care, and the beautifully structured story is filled with giant truths and tiny, perfect details. Falling for this book was quick, thrilling and, yes, inevitable.”

―Corey Ann Haydu, author ofOCD Love Story and The Careful Undressing of Love

“Smart, emotionally rich, and beautifully written, THE INEVITABLE COLLISION OF BIRDIE & BASH is an unforgettable, heartfelt novel―realistic YA at its best.”

―Jamie Kain, author of Instructions for the End of the World and The Good Sister

“A smart, complex story with textured characters that lift off the page. Candace Ganger has a rare talent for weaving together two compulsively readable voices.”

―Jessica Taylor, author of Wandering Wild and A Map for Wrecked Girls

“Smart, intense, heartbreaking…this debut novel is a must read.”

―Kim Turrisi, author of Just a Normal Tuesday

When I first started reading The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash, I kind of expected it to be a lighthearted comedy/romance that would make me smile the whole way through.  Maybe I forgot exactly what the book was about, but I definitely got something with a lot more feelings to it than a simple romantic comedy.  In fact, it really made me think, and those who follow my reviews know that I love a book that makes me think.

I have read my share of beautifully written and amazing books, and The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash is definitely one that I want to add to that list.  It has so much going for it – it does have a lot of fun moments in it, but it also talks about a lot of important issues that really make it worth reading.  It isn’t just your typical summer romance, so don’t think that – it has a lot of serious things going for it that really make it a deep, meaningful, and fantastic read.

Sure, The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash starts off in a way that reminds me of a lot of other young adult contemporary/romance novels, but as the book progresses, it really stands apart from the crowd.  It’s such a great read, and the writing is something that hooked me from the very beginning, so I can only say good things about it.

The characters in this book were not only so much fun to get to know, but their story lines ran deep and they had a ton of personality that made them feel so real.  I honestly felt like I knew both of the main characters personally, and it was a real treat to have them as my bookish friends for a while.  They grew as characters so much in the story and it made them become incredibly special to me.  I was sad when I had finished the book, because I felt so attached to them.

If you want a really great book to amp up your summer reading, The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash is sure to quickly become a favorite.  I highly recommend this one to pretty much anyone who is looking for a deep story line with characters who will make you feel all the emotions.

Note: I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.  Thank you!

1. Where did you come up with the idea to write The Inevitable Collision of Birdie & Bash?
The central backstory that connects Birdie & Bash is based on a true event that happened in my family in 1979. Though I wasn’t born when it occurred, it’s something that’s haunted me since childhood, so I knew I wanted to write about it, somehow, eventually. It took awhile before finding the right balance of telling that story with the sensitivity it required, while fictionalizing the rest. At the base, this is a love letter to my family, giving them an ending they deserved, but never received.

2. Who is your favorite character in the book?  Why?
Bash has my heart because he’s largely based on aspects of my childhood where I struggled with identity and finding my way through less-than-ideal situations. On the surface, you see one thing, and may even judge him, but when you get to know him (and he’ll only let a select few this close), he’s an incredibly delicate, tortured soul. At the end of the day, he’s just looking for his place in this messed-up world. I mean, aren’t we all?

3. What is your writing process like?
I’m a frenzied, chaotic writer. I’m always juggling multiple projects (including my day job where I’m an Identity Writer for Romper), and always on the verge of overwhelm. I seem to function best this way, as I don’t know what to do with myself when I’ve turned everything in. I write with some sort of food-related show on (hello Food Network), survive on Milky Way lattes, and hate everything I write, forever. Fun, right?!

CANDACE GANGER is a young adult author, contributing writer for Hello Giggles, and obsessive marathoner. Aside from having past lives as a singer, nanotechnology website editor, and world’s worst vacuum sales rep, she’s also ghostwritten hundreds of projects for companies, best-selling fiction and award-winning nonfiction authors alike. Candace—aka—Candyland—has a severe Milky Way latter addiction + eats way too many donuts/doughnuts but all things in excess, amiright? FYI: She’s TOTALLY awkward in person (#sorrynotsorry). She lives in Ohio with her family.




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  1. Raven says:

    Great review! I’ve heard of this book but I never gave it much thought! It sounds like an incredible read. I’m glad you loved it! 🙂
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  2. Okay, you’ve talked me into adding this one to my TBR! Great review.
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